Tokyo Daze: Tokyu Hands!

220_433_japantrip118.jpgIf you go to Japan, one of the JDM institutions you need to pay a visit to is Tokyu Hands. Ostensibly it’s a department store, which seems hell bent on stocking pretty much everything: from hardware, to stationery, to toys and clothes, to luggage and much more besides. It’s a chain of very large stores all over Japan.

Where it gets interesting is the “much more besides” stuff they you will find there.

First you find their toy section. Aww so cute (“kawaiii!”)


Finding Nemo remote control blimp is cool too (works very well until your 2yr old son takes a bite out of it)


JDM toys are pretty cool….check out this AE86 dorifto slot car set.


But then you notice that mingled amongst the toys section are “Party Goods”. That’s where you find those “pointing hands on sticks” that are a laugh a minute on Best Motoring videos. Ho ho ho…


Then you notice that they stock schoolgirl uniforms in adult sizes…


And also kindergarten uniforms….in adult sizes…


…and prosthetic boobies…(and strap-on elephant head codpieces)


…I do not want to know what “Jaguchi” means (don’t tell me!)


And they also have a nice line in gimp outfits too.


I should point out, that this is a normal everyday department store, and all of this was next to the kids/toy section…and on the ground floor too. But that’s Japan for you….go to a DVD store and for some reason, the XXXX section is right next to the kids cartoon section….

Maybe the idea is that if you get caught red-handed perusing the cover of “Tsukuba Girls Go Wild” then you can say “Hang on…this isn’t the kids section…have you got Finding Nemo?”

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3 Responses to Tokyo Daze: Tokyu Hands!

  1. Organic Zero says:

    Ohhh, Hard-G Razor Ramon Costumes!

  2. 31GUN says:

    Hey! I think those pointing hands are funny.
    I always wanted one.

  3. stuyizz says:

    More importantly it’s where I found subway hangers!!

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