Tokyo Auto Salon: Behold this Japanese wave pattern carbon fiber

Carbon fiber came out of the racing and tuning world, but has grown stale over the years. The epitome of this has to be the faux carbon fiber appliqués stickered onto the so-called “sport” trims of new cars. At this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, we finally spotted a fresh take on carbon fiber, and it incorporates one of the most traditional Japanese patterns into its design.

Created by a company called Valenti, the carbon fiber is formed with a Nishijin motif. The circles represent ocean waves, and have been used in Japanese textiles and crafts for centuries.

Mr. Nishiwaki, the spokesman for the company, said that it was difficult to create the pattern. “On curved surfaces, the symbols tended to deform,” he explained. “We had to do it almost 60 times.”

Valenti, which is mostly an LED light maker, has no plans to produce the Nishijin carbon fiber for sale. The firm says the cost would simply be too high. Still, they were proud of being the first company to create and display it on their demo car, a Toyota 86. If they were to produce it, it would pair nicely with the Iwate lacquer steering wheels we saw at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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5 Responses to Tokyo Auto Salon: Behold this Japanese wave pattern carbon fiber

  1. Nigel says:

    I think it is something that would look good on a VIP car.

  2. Spirit Road says:

    Sick! Perhaps on some wild, wide body, or new aero for the new Supra!

  3. Leland Sanchez says:

    It’s ok. More fan of the original pattern.

  4. Paulo says:

    While really cool, it’s blasphemous. Or is carbon fiber Zen now?

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