Tokyo Auto Salon: Here’s the Toyota Century GRMN in black

Here’s another quick snap from the Gazoo Racing booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon last weekend. Looks like CEO Akio Toyoda has commissioned another Century GRMN, this time in its most proper color, black.

We have to say, it looks much better in a dark color than in white, the only other color we’ve seen the Century GRMN in so far. It still retains an 18 – 67 license plate, a nod to the year Toyoda’s great-grandfather and founder of the Toyota empire, Sakichi Toyoda, was born. Sadly, there was no mention of it built for public consumption, making it the ultimate current-generation Century, as well as the ultimate piece of Toyota unobtainium.

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2 Responses to Tokyo Auto Salon: Here’s the Toyota Century GRMN in black

  1. Toyotageek says:

    And in other Century related news (pertaining to the Royal family): “…the Jan. 17 meeting also approved the use of a Toyota Century model car for the ceremonial procession that will be held in autumn to celebrate Naruhito’s becoming emperor. The vehicle will be redesigned into a convertible.”

    Convertible. 🙂

  2. cesariojpn says:

    Pretty sure given the Japanese Auto Aftermarket, some shop or company will make a near exact replica/kit of the Toyota Century GRMN.

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