This Lincoln Continental Mark IV kaido racer makes every day Independence Day

One of the most shocking kaido racers ever built recently stepped onto the scene in Japan. Instead of the typical Nissan or Toyota base car, it uses a 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV as its foundation. Though Tokyo streets can make a Toyota Celsior feel large, this boat measures almost three feet longer in stock form. And yet, the owner has extended it by several feet with an ankle-slicing deppa front spoiler, a molded rear tail, and two-meter-long takeyari pipes.

The insane machine made its debut at a midnight meeting celebrating the coming new year last December 31 and has, unsurprisingly, seared itself into the brains of all who gaze up on it (it appears at 13:12 in the video above by user moco channel). The American flag motif is a tribute to the Muto Z, a famous kaido racer in its own right.

The thirsty pre-oil crisis 7.5-liter V8 returns about 13 highway mpg and just 7 mpg in the city. In a country where road tax is based on engine size and gasoline can cost around $6.50 a gallon, it can’t be cheap to run. The word “Success” plastered across the windshield is the team name, but seems like the perfect English word to accompany the over-the-top slab.

The boxy shape of Lincoln’s luxury coupe lends itself perfectly to the bosozoku style. One wonders what other American land yachts have this kind of potential. Perhaps think about that as you down your hot dogs and watch the fireworks. Happy Fourth of July from JNC!


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7 Responses to This Lincoln Continental Mark IV kaido racer makes every day Independence Day

  1. Franxou says:

    This is super weird, all the Kaido racers stuff completely dwarf the car, with the small wheels and long airdam and the huge wing in the back, it looks… small? This car is peak “long, low, wide” era, its lenght is within inches from a brand new Suburban… inches longer that is.
    The full Kaido racer setup on this car is amazing, and I would like to know what the people there that night thought it sounded like, with the pushrod V8 compared to the mostly inline 6, V6 and 4 cylinder cars!

  2. MikeRL411 says:

    Disgusting example of excess!

  3. Tim says:

    Looks so awesome! I love it!

  4. TheJWT says:

    Easily one of my top 5 favorite cars of all time. My jaw literally dropped when pictures of it started appearing around new years

  5. D. Hepp says:

    Another illustration of the fact that EVERY culture has members who should be institutionalized.

  6. Lee L says:

    It’s beautiful

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