VIDEO: The ultimate Mazda fan’s marriage proposal

Mazda marriage proposal ALMS

What’s the most romantic spot for a marriage proposal? This video, which has been making the car blog rounds, proves there was no place better than the cockpit of a Lola Mazda ALMS race car.

Ian Browning and Sarah Bunting are two die-hard Mazdafarians who own a pair of FC RX-7s. At this year’s ALMS race at Mosport Park Ian popped the question while Sarah was in the driver’s seat of the #16 Dyson Racing race car. Spoiler alert: she says yes. It must have something to do with the cool JNC Daytona shirt he’s wearing. Watch the video below.

via Jalopnik.

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4 Responses to VIDEO: The ultimate Mazda fan’s marriage proposal

  1. Pete240Z says:

    What a touching video.

  2. Dimas says:

    Well it’s all well and good, best of luck for the them.

    But I want to see the FC’s, where’s the two FC’s. Does this means the FC’s also going to be husband and wife. hehe

    • Gene says:

      If the two fc’s do become husband and wife, wonder what the kids would be?. hehe..

      • Dimas says:

        the kid would be like got a (1.3+1.3 = 2.6B Engine) with a 420 hp turbocharged for heart hehehe…. 0-60 in a blink of an eye

        and all of the GT-R out on the street beware ! as this kid will fly passing them hehehe….

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