NEWS: The Toyota S-FR is now a race car

Toyota SFR Racing Concept 01

Remember Toyota’s close-to-production sports car concept from the Tokyo Motor Show? Now it’s a close-to-production race car concept. Either they modified the show car real quick, or there are multiple examples of these buggers floating around the studios. 

Toyota SFR Sk60034w

The S-FR Concept is the rear-wheel-drive sports car that wowed the crowds at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. Unveiled following the 50th anniversary celebration of the 1965 Toyota Sports 800, the small, lightweight coupe took many of its styling cues from the company’s first sports car.

Toyota S-FR 20

It seems to be an ideal fit for Toyota’s much rumored three-sports car lineup, with the Toyota 86/Scion FR-S sitting in the middle and a new Supra-like car on top.

Toyota SFR Racing Concept 02

The first thing you’ll notice about the S-FR Racing Concept are diffusers, skirts, wings, canards, and general preponderance of every aero aid known to man. Look closer, however, and you’ll notice that the wheel arches have been flared at all four corners.

Toyota S-FR Concept 01Toyota SFR Racing Concept 03

The ride height is significantly lower, the mirrors smaller, and the fuel filler moved from the quarter panel to the C-pillar. Even the ducktail spoiler appears to have been re-sculpted to be just a tad longer.

Toyota SFR Racing Concept 06

The hood too has grown two large scoops where subtle indentations had been. The black roof, an homage to the Sports 800’s pre-targa targa top, remains. The wheels, black 8-spokes with red centers, are reminiscent of RS-Watanabes.

Toyota SFR Racing Concept 04 Toyota SFR Racing Concept 05

The foglamp bezels are gone, smoothed out as the grille receives two additional intakes on either side, while the exhaust is now a center-exit twin pipe. The taillights have also been Altezza-fied. Toyota gave nearly zero information about the car, except that it will make its first public showing at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. Its very existence, though, is a pretty good argument that the S-FR is even closer to production than we originally thought.

Images courtesy of Toyota.

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15 Responses to NEWS: The Toyota S-FR is now a race car

  1. Brett says:

    I want that one.

  2. Spence says:

    I like how the front is like: “GRRRR GET OUT OF MY WAY”
    and the back is like: “OMG WE PASSED YOU? NO WAY!”

  3. Skorj says:

    Ohhh… me just got an excuse to visit the Auto Salon.

  4. Nigel says:

    Two words…One make !!

  5. Rob says:

    so much want in these pics…..this car will be in my garage one day

  6. Andrij says:

    I liked it when it was Yellow. I LOVE it now in white. Please Please Please make it

  7. Socarboy says:

    This just the thing that Toyota (NOT Scion) needs to build enthusiasm in the brand. Sorta like the REAL spiritual successor to the original AE86

  8. alvin says:

    That’s it
    Game Over
    I’m all out quarters

    This SF-R race concept comes out, on top of that Speedhunters article about Nissan…I guess Leafs, Rogues and Murano Cabriolets are making them money 🙁

  9. Randy says:

    So, a “street” version and a “track” version… Hmmmmmmm… Possibility for factory-produced body pieces/kits? Swap front end pieces and bolt/rivet on rear flares? Lotsa possibilities here…

    I liked it from the first pic, and it’s still growing on me. Doesn’t have that false aggressiveness; looks like a FUN car to drive, and something that one could actually LIVE with, day in, and day out.

  10. ya_boy_yeti says:

    holy crap toyota better bring this to the states

  11. Sideglide says:

    Hopefully the Auto Salon gives us more information. Would be cool to have the base vehicle make production, then offer this as a dealer kit like they did with the 86 CB.

    • dickie says:

      i would definitely take a “body in white” stripper level S-FR, especially if they offered it with a Toyota PN# TRD livery option.

  12. dickie says:

    So by my count we have…

    Mazda: ND Miata

    Honda: new S2000

    Toyota: S-FR

    Nissan: ̶I̶D̶x̶ Juke “We Stopped Trying” edition

  13. Louis Fong says:

    That front grille screams RAWR!!

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