The Toyota GR GT3 has moved into the development stage

The hits just keep on coming from Toyota. After a period of sporty car drought, Toyota is no longer pulling any punches. A revived Supra, second-generation 86, GR Yaris and GR Corolla have all arrived (or will arrive) in quick succession. Next up: the gorgeous GR GT3 has been confirmed to have moved into the development stage.

The confirmation comes from none other than Cooper Ericksen, group vice president of product planning and strategy at Toyota, as reported by Motor Trend. No other details were given, but the car looks suspiciously similar to the Mazda RX-Vision concept shown at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. While a rotary-powered drivetrain is unlikely, it could feature Mazda’s upcoming straight-six motor.

The rest of the article goes into what the GR sub-brand might have in store. That includes the possibility a GR Corolla sedan, as well as electrified GR products down the road. “The key is fun to drive, lightweight, track performance, so if we can deliver that with an EV, we might look into that,” Ericksen said.

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9 Responses to The Toyota GR GT3 has moved into the development stage

  1. socarboy says:

    A modern 2000GT, with a pinch of Dodge Viper thrown in.

  2. speedie says:

    I sure hope this means Mazda will be able to put the Vision into production.

  3. Steve says:

    Any chance it will actually be a Toyota?

  4. Damian says:

    Toyota would not build a car so similar to the Supra.

  5. Mark Newton-John says:

    So if Toyota partners with Mazda, will trolls bitch it’s not a real Toyota, like they did with the Supra?

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