The 2019 Toyota Corolla is not the best car in this 2019 Toyota Corolla commercial

A new European commercial for the 2019 Toyota Corolla shows the hatchback speeding through the desert, leaving in its dust old milestones of automotive history. Pre-war racers, hot rods, and even Toyota’s own historic models are passed, implying that the new Corolla is superior.

Except, there is no way a woman driving a Toyota 2000GT would peer sexily over her sunglasses at a guy driving a Corolla hatchback (and I say this as a guy who owns a 1986 Corolla GT-S hatchback). Also making a cameo is a KE10 Corolla barely visible in the cloud of sand kicked up by the inconsiderate driver of the new Corolla. Throw the ’32 Highboy in there, and the 2019 Toyota Corolla is not even remotely close to the coolest car in this advert for the 2019 Toyota Corolla. Still, it’s cool to see a 2000GT speeding through the desert, even if just for a few brief frames.

Special thanks to our friend @kenzosarrazyn_prewarcarpics for trying to help us ID the blue car, but to no avail. “It may be a French cyclecar like a Salmson Val3 Grand Sport or an Amilcar CGS, but can’t say for certain. If it’s a small manufacturer it will be very difficult.”


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22 Responses to The 2019 Toyota Corolla is not the best car in this 2019 Toyota Corolla commercial

  1. Mark Newton-John says:

    I suppose, but life is better in a modern car than even a 2000GT.

  2. Ken says:

    Tno thanks. I rather drive a JNC.

  3. Dennis says:

    Is there such a thing as a “good” toyota… give me chrome bumpers any day.

  4. Jim Simpson says:

    I will cheerfully suffer through in a crappy old 2000 GT (still one of my all time favorite cars) could not help but notice that the one in the commercial is one of the few LHD cars that were made could not help but wonder if that was the red 2000 LHD GT from here in WA state that was sold not to long ago… they can keep their hybrid Corolla…
    Although it is an amusing ad.

  5. Long Beach Mike says:

    OK. Agreed that the new hatch is way down the cool scale from most of those other rides that got their own solo shots, but the Ferrari and the electric somethingorother….hilarious.

  6. Ben Hsu says:

    In an earlier cut of this ad, the tailpipe emitting black smoke was attached to a VW diesel. Not sure why it got removed.

  7. Nigel says:

    Near the end of the commercial a Black MR-2 turbo appears and smokes the Corolla…

  8. Scotty G says:

    It’s sort of the “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” duet sung by Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson of car commercials. They’re both good, maybe even great, separately – but the difference between the two is striking when they’re combined into the same mix.

  9. Montgomery Burns says:

    By gum that blue racer is quite a duesey! I remember my youth seeing those race around the Brooklands track, it must be plucking away at a mile a minute!

  10. ZRay says:

    I bought a Carolla when it first came out (69-70) it was ‘Lemon Yellow’, and lived up to it’s color. It was in the dealers repair shop more than I owned it. Toyota finally took it back, and refunded my $.

  11. James says:

    Good commercial idea for the new Supra. Corolla Hybrid? Not so much…

  12. G says:

    Cool! That exact 2000GT is actually from the “Louwan museum” in the Netherlands.

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