The Story of Ronald Reagan’s Subaru BRAT

Here’s proof that Subies aren’t all driven by tree-hugging bleeding hearts. At least one was driven by a tax-slashing, commie-hating Reagan-style capitalist — Ronald Reagan himself. We mentioned the Gipper’s Subaru BRAT a couple of years ago, but now Benjamin Preston of Petersen’s 4Wheel & Offroad has revealed the full background of Subaru One. 

Apparently, it was a gift from his National Security Advisor Richard V. Allen, who had connections at Fuji Heavy Industries. FHI was testing the Chicken Tax-avoiding BRAT under US conditions, but was having trouble finding sufficiently grueling conditions under which to destroy them. Allen convinced Fuji Heavy that Reagan’s 688-acre Santa Barbara ranch could serve as a proving ground for one of the “destructed” BRATs, and Reagan himself would file bi-annual reports about the car’s health until it died. Only, it never did. Reagan reportedly loved the car, but soon he would go on to become our 40th President, leaving the car behind.

After two terms as the greatest/worst President of the US depending on your political leanings, Reagan’s legacy (no pun intended) has given everything he’s touched collector value. As a result, the BRAT (which had been sold off) was re-purchased from a man in Georgia in 2004 and restored with the help of Subaru of America. (those guys are on a roll!). You can read the full story here.

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10 Responses to The Story of Ronald Reagan’s Subaru BRAT

  1. ToolZ says:

    … I wonder if Ron and Nancy ever got jiggy with it in the back of the Brat?
    Would that increase or decrease the value?

  2. Tyler says:

    “but was having trouble finding sufficiently grueling conditions under which to destroy them.”

    Did they try a road salt?

  3. Drive510 says:

    @ Toolz haha, my guess would be no. Or if they did it would be very uncomfortable if they had the hard plastic seats with hand grips facing the rear.

    This one looks like it’s in pristine condition which is rare. He should have painted it black and mounted 2 American flags on the front bumper.

  4. Drive510 says:

    [edit] Just read the last part that said it was restored. (facepalm on my part)

  5. Sprinter 1969 says:

    Did you know these are called a Brumby in Australia?
    And we call a pick-up a ute?
    We don’t have a President and I am sure we haven’t had a Prime Minister who owned a Brat/Brumby.
    But interestingly; two years ago we had a Prime Minister who got into trouble borrowing a Toyota Hilux…it went on to become known as ute-gate!!

  6. john says:

    I think Watergate Hotel needs to sue somebody to get that stopped… 🙂

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