The seventh-generation Nissan Z Proto appears to have a manual transmission

A new teaser trailer for the seventh-generation Z Proto seems to imply that the car will be coming with a manual transmission. Not only does it show a brief clip of a driver’s hand coming to rest on a gear selector, the video ends on that image. Nissan is clearly trying to make a statement, and it’s a statement that matches what sources have hinted to us.

The video also gives us a brief glimpse of the Z Proto’s rear. It basically confirms the long-standing rumor that the rear will be inspired by the Z32, though it might look slightly different from the rear that Nissan Senior VP for Global Design and noted Z32 fan Alfonso Albaisa revealed on his personal Instagram account last week.

However, it’s the final image that will probably get enthusiasts’ hearts stirring. Our sources at Nissan have implied that the car was made to keep the heritage of the Z alive, and that when it comes to whether it has a row-your-own gearbox, that enthusiast will be happy. We take that as a tacit admission that it will have a manual option, which is a lot to ask in this day and age. Also, it can’t help but feel like a dig at the A90 Toyota Supra, which broke the hearts of those expecting a stick shift (or full Toyota, for that matter). We will find out soon enough when the Z Proto is revealed September 15.


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3 Responses to The seventh-generation Nissan Z Proto appears to have a manual transmission

  1. Alvin says:

    I’ll reserve judgement until the actual reveal Nissan. This very well could be the ID-X concept part 2.

    • CW240Z says:

      My thoughts exactly. That “Proto” name in the title carries a lot of weight.

      I’ll believe the new Z is real the day I see one on the showroom. Nissan has an ever increasing track record of getting folks excited and not coming through.

  2. BlitzPig says:

    He could just be putting his hand on an automatic selector. Will wait till the real deal hits, if it does, before I get my hopes up.

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