The new Kamen Rider trailer is a shot-for-shot remake of the original’s motorcycle opening

There’s a new Kamen Rider movie, called Shin Kamen Rider, coming out in 2023. The original, which aired in 1971 and is now 50 years old, was one of Japan’s most iconic tokusatsu shows of all time. The titular insect-costumed superhero has had over 100 variants and reboots over the decades, and while he is the star, no Kamen Rider would be a rider without his trusty motorcycle, and the new remake delivers that in spades.

Here are the two nearly identical trailers for Shin Kamen Rider. The original Kamen Rider followed the story of Takeshi Hongo, an insect-costumed superhero who seeks to bring down Shocker, the evil organization that biologically enhanced him with those powers.

Kamen Rider’s bike, the Cyclone, was described as a nuclear-powered machine with 200 horsepower and a maximum speed of 400 kph (248 mph). In reality the Cyclone was a Suzuki T20 modified with futuristic fairings and a large number of exhaust pipes. The new bike appears to be a Honda CB650R, but the important thing is that it can match the very first Kamen Rider move for move.

For comparison, here’s the original Kamen Rider opening from 1971. You can see what lengths director Hideaki Anno has gone through to re-create the details, shot-for-shot. In the first one, there’s even a similar rock formation and three-pronged twig sitting in the same position.

One enterprising fan has made a side-by-side comparison of the two, shot 50 years apart. Kamen Rider is one of those things every Japanese kid  knows, and was hugely influential in car-adjacent culture. Indeed, Shin Kamen Rider‘s director, Hideaki Anno, was a Kamen Rider fan growing up. Clearly, he has a lot of love and respect for the original material, which isn’t always the case in Hollywood remakes. Shin Kamen Rider will debut in 2023.

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1 Response to The new Kamen Rider trailer is a shot-for-shot remake of the original’s motorcycle opening

  1. j_c says:

    This looks awesome.

    I haven’t watched any Kamen Rider since the early 2000s and tried to catch up a little on the Rider series with clips on youtube, oh man, they look too goofy.

    Sure, the old 70s shows looked goofy too, but it seemed like they were doing their best with a low budget. The new shows go out of their way to make everything look like plastic.

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