The Most Painful Skyline You’ll Ever See: Hakosuka Itasha

It’s one thing to slap giant anime characters on your Suzuki Wagon R, Toyota Alphard, or even your Ferrari F430, but a KGC10 Skyline? That really hurts. This hot pink hakosuka was spotted last week at an itasha car show in Odaiba. Surprisingly, it was without Yayois.

[Image: getnews] Hat tip to toyotageek.

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20 Responses to The Most Painful Skyline You’ll Ever See: Hakosuka Itasha

  1. Have seen this one a few times before, but i don’t think it’s to bad at all.
    Don’t get me wrong, the stickers suck, but yeah, it’s only vinyl, so remove it and you’l get what seems to be a nice restored Hakosuka and thats way better then a beatiful hakosuka rusting away in some japanese backyard… 🙂

  2. Nigel says:

    No !! Evil does take many forms.
    (Itasha does mean in pain, and that Hako is painful to look at).

  3. banpei says:

    Itasha hakosukas have been around since the NYM 2010:
    But I must admit that the Haruhi Skyline is not as bad/pink as this one… 😛

  4. Lars says:

    that isn’t painful at all, there are just vinyls and stickers, and can be removed anytime

  5. Kevin Lee says:

    Painful car! LOL

  6. John T. says:

    The upside is that Wagon R is awesome.

  7. bert says:

    I don’t see what the problem is, that is a very lovely car! You never really see that color on a car li……wait …….I don’t have my contacts in! Hold on a sec………………..AAAAAGHHHHH!!! It burns!! What is it???!!!!!

  8. erizzle von dizzle says:

    They see me rollin’ … they hatin’ …

  9. Eljay says:

    Somebody´ll probably hire a contract killer to take me out for saying this,but I like it! I love to see the occasional display of dare-to-be-different-attitude in the vintage j-tin world.

  10. James says:

    I simply think it’s unique on it’s own though, since Japan is a land of many different Sub cultures in car modding and has resulted a great diversity. Although it’s a fact that Itasha styling don’t suit hako’s but atleast they’ve got mutual respect for one another for their personal tastes.

  11. E-AT_me says:

    at first i thought that was the s2k from the fast and furious..

  12. LloyD says:

    i like it !!!

  13. h8r says:

    still better than wrong cambered hellaflush

  14. Hist8ofmind says:

    Have to agree with jdmjunkies, at least someones taking care of it and not rusting away. Like they say “to each thier own”, and like Lars said you could always take it off and get her repainted honestly though there’s a part of me that likes it LOL.

  15. retrokid says:

    If the owner GAVE that car to you, would it still be painful?

    I’d be painfully happy….

  16. TommyJ says:

    Itasha styling isnt the worst thing that can happen to a Hakosuka, Underneath the vinyl, its the same awesome car. I’m sure you’d all be out for blood if there was an American engine swapped into one.

  17. eric says:

    I think it is tons better than the bright green 2jz powered Hakosuka.

  18. Kevin says:

    It’s not my first choice but it doesn’t look bad and some of the others commenting are right “each their own” if everyone did the same thing then what would be the fun of it. For the record I would rock the hakosuka no matter the color even pink.

  19. Skyline7937Japan says:

    Well…it does look awesome for a gal!for guys…just drool ok! 😀

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