The LA Times on Nostalgics

crownwagonAnother day, another mention of nostalgics in the press. A Los Angeles Times article published today takes a look at the increasing collector values of vintage Japanese cars. To our regulars, this is nothing new, but again, we intend to carefully monitor the hobby that’s so dear to our hearts. Perhaps somewhat ominously, the article is published in the Times‘ business section. The author interviews Phil Skinner of Kelley Blue Book, a used car pricing guide, who was apparently prowling the grounds of the recent Japanese Classic Car Show. Pros: more awareness means more cars available in the open market. Cons: they will cost more. Also of note, our very own forum member Robert Perez, aka PERTANO, is quoted extensively throughout the piece. In honor of that, we use his two Crowns as our photo for this post.

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  1. sweet&low says:

    Publicity and price inflation is like beer and hang-overs. We love it, we just don’t like the consequence!

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