The JNC Shop is back up

The JNC Shop is back up and has a new URL. Thanks for being patient as we upgraded it. The downtime was longer than we expected but this will make the experience better as time goes on. You can make your orders via Credit Card or Paypal.

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8 Responses to The JNC Shop is back up

  1. Spudenater says:

    It may just be me, but I couldn’t find a button to view cart/checkout. I worked around it by adding an additional item to my cart which loaded the view cart prompt, then deleted it. Just thought you might want to know, because it took me a minute to figure it out.

  2. Ben Hsu says:

    Yes, that’s the best way to do it for now. Sorry, we are still making improvements to it but it was down for too long and we thought getting it up and running was top priority. Thanks for the heads up!

    • vladd says:

      Hey guys

      Im from Sydney Australia and Im trying to buy some stuff but at the checkout i get a message saying there is no available shipping method to my address.
      Any way to get around that? I dont mind paying extra in postage fees

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Sorry Vladd, we are still working on it as we go. Can you please try again and let me know whether it works?


  3. Willba says:

    Will you be restocking the made in the 80’s t shirt, or volume 4 of the JNC magazine? Would love both of these but it says out of stock.

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