The Ghost Factory's Hot Rod Datsuns

Hotrod JNC’s are fascinating if for no other reason, they reflect the American hotrod’s influence in Japan. The JNC sub-culture took root some years ago thanks to the likes of Mooneyes and Crown Classics, but what shop has taken up the Datsun banner? GHOST FACTORY has:

Yep, that is a genuine, JDM-only Datsun 620 Pickup variant. Despite it’s unusual configuration, it’s quite stunning–to say the least. Meanwhile, back at the GHOST FACTORY, one can only speculate what the name means: ghost referring to ghost paint effects?

The JNC hotrod sub-culture has been mirrored on our side of the Pacific as well. A few years ago, a few SoCal Datsun Boys started showing up to events bagged, hubcapped, and whitewalled. Something completely different than what had traditionally been done. Nowadays, you can see more than a few hotrod and even ratrod inspired Datsuns at any given show. If this sounds like your scene, you need to check into, as it’s generally known to be the hangout of the truck and goon crowd.

(thanks to hotwire for the ghost factory tip)

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11 Responses to The Ghost Factory's Hot Rod Datsuns

  1. J.Ramirez(zetozeto99) says:

    That Wagon and Van are FRICKEN’ AWESOME!

  2. ProTree says:

    that beige car is a pickup?

  3. TSiSS350 says:

    Sort of, its based on the sheet metal and frame of a pickup. Quite cool, I have not seen a picture of a nice one in some time!

  4. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    Great Stuff!

    I love seeing the detailed shots of the sheetmetal work at the Ghost Factory – reminds me of my garage. There’s nothing like seeing rare machinery being rescued!
    We have comrades in the war against rust!

  5. WIQDTOY says:

    they like the older California plates huh? i got some hanging on my garage wall!

  6. That’s pretty cool, I love the 510 Wagon, that is a 510 wagon right? I’d love one, I would put some venetian blinds in it and some roof racks for a couple of surfboards. Would be an awesome car to go to the beach with in summer :).

  7. Kimico says:

    Great stuff! I really like that Datsun 510. Lot of memories since i grew up with those types of cars.

  8. HoTWire says:

    Their stuff is great… even if I did call them “Ghost Frequency” previously (which is the name of a band that was in my head 🙂 )

    The Japanese hot rodding scene is top notch, it is at its best when it is applied to “domestic” models I think. Such a nice mix up of styles.

  9. Mark says:

    Id like to see pix of the wagon’s suspension…very low & kool. & yes Ratsun is a kool site!

  10. Skib says:

    😀 Thanks for the shout out!
    Ghost Factory is putting out some sweet dattos!

    -Skib, forum member

  11. christian says:

    hola a todos estas fotos me parecen estupendas amo todos los autos datsun yo tengo una datsun estacas 1982 y aunque tiene algunos detalles es de las pocas que estan cuidadas en mi c.d.
    que bien que aun hay locos como yo que adoptan un datsun
    saludos atte afrock

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