VIDEO: The Emperor of Japan drives a mauve Honda Integra


You would think that being the absolute top dog of a country known for building spectacular vehicles would provide Emperor Akihito with a garage to end all garages. Instead, when the head honcho of the Japanese royal family is not being driven around in his Nissan Prince Royal or Toyota Century Royal, he slips behind the wheel of a mauve second-gen Honda Integra.

Interestingly, despite the nearly invisible sedan’s bone stock appearance, when the Emperor cranks the ignition the Honda responds with the throaty rumble of an aftermarket exhaust. Then he tears around the palace grounds like a boss (which he is, of Japan).

Thanks to Mike F. for the tip!

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10 Responses to VIDEO: The Emperor of Japan drives a mauve Honda Integra

  1. E-AT_me says:

    uhmmm.. the vid is sped up.. unless he has a burnt out turn signal.. but at least he has good taste.

  2. BenT. says:

    Yeah, the vid was sped up at the last part and I think the speeding exhaust note added too. But I guess they had to make the top man look cool speeding off into the sunset. But hell, he IS cool driving an Integra. 🙂

  3. goki says:

    it’s funny with the video sped up and the sound of high revs! haha

  4. jivecom says:

    aw, i bought it for a second. what better form of propaganda than to suggest your emperor drives around the palace like a maniac?

  5. IMO says:

    I hella lold.

  6. goki says:

    someone needs to edit in the Benny Hill song!

  7. Koich says:

    The photo on the link to the Century points out a regular Toyota Century. The Royal edition has a different front and rear, length, features, etc.

  8. Jay.S says:

    lol smashing with no muff!

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