The Dome Zero Lives On


Well, at least in pop culture. And even then, only just barely.

Music mixing community The Mixing Bowl are, from what I can tell, in the process of putting together a compilation of mixes from artists on their forums. The album artwork features a Dome Zero on the cover, a car you may remember Kev discussing in some detail not too long ago here at grandJDM.

That’s about the extent of the car’s involvement with the album (unless someone’s decided to write a song about it. Now that’d be something), but I thought it complements the artwork pretty nicely and figured I’d share with y’all.

You’ll need to register if you want to see the forum thread, but there’s not really any great amount of talk about the car itself.  Points go to user “Nifty” though for knowing his shit.

Click through to see the full album cover.


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  1. GNV says:

    Hey, I made that. Cool, thanks for the exposure.

    And, yes, I know the Dome isn’t Chinese but I wanted to use it because its just the perfect 80’s supercar. The original design had a contach.

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