The Datto 200B Lives On, in Scotland


Here’s a great feature article on Anthony Reid’s Datsun 200B from the unfortunately now-defunct Retro Cars Magazine in England, a magazine which inspired the creation of online communities like Retro Rides, and through such communities were born the likes of JNC and grandJDM for a stronger J-tin focus.

Imported from Australia – one of only two places in the world you could find this 2-litre variant on the showroom floor – this might well be the only one in all of the UK. And what a wee ripper of an example Anthony’s “Datto” is! The interior and body both look brilliant, and the Z31 donor engine must rip holes in planet Earth in a car that size. This baby needs to be brought home—someone down under hurl Anthony a fat wad of cash.

Incidentally, here’s an old interview with the founding editor of Retro Cars Magazine.

[via JNC forums]
[Anthony’s website]

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  1. chapel says:

    I can’t believe Retro Cars is out of print
    I had every first series issue in a binder and my old E30 BMW was in the Reader’s rides once. 🙁
    I was hoping my new Mk2 VW GTI would have joined it as well.

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