The coolest E82 Corolla on Earth is “unreal”

Can wheels/stance make anything look good? After looking at these photos we’d say the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

It appears our friend Sebastian at VirtualModels, creator of the B310 Sunny California Shooting Brake, is at it again. Thankfully he has  turned his attention to a very under-appreciated JNC platform to see if he can make it into something any of us would love to drive. 

We all know very well that when the fifth-generation (E80 chassis) Corollas were rolling off dealer lots in the mid-80s that the AE86 Corolla GT-S was the top dog. Boasting rear-wheel-drive and a high-strung, fuel-injected 1.6L twin-cam engine, it was ready to dole out smiles by the dozen. But outselling it by probably 10:1 were the lowly plebeian Corolla four-door sedans and five-door hatchbacks. Hampered by it’s somewhat anemic engine and front-wheel-drive orientation, it has never been confused with an enthusiast model. It had smart looks and got great gas mileage, but that was about it; its “fun factor” barely nudges the meter.

But, Sebastian worked his usual magic on it, and now I almost want to start scrounging craigslist for a derelict AE82. In his words: “I kept the basic bodywork and just changed subtle things such as the bumpers and side-skirts. The top has been chopped to get the proportions right and the body has been slammed over a set of old school 15-inch wheels. Not convinced? Then think of it as the Prius predecessor that could have looked cool”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Ramen bowl-deep Hayashi Streets obviously make anything better, but this really actually works. I’m thinking the top chop is likely not feasible, but most of the modifications performed here could be done in the real world. So whose going to accept the challenge?

If you haven’t already, please do peruse more of Sebastian fine work on his website. Just when I thought I was getting pretty good at the Photoshop, I stumbled across his work and was immediately humbled.


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17 Responses to The coolest E82 Corolla on Earth is “unreal”

  1. Lukas says:

    Now it´s time to give the first two generations of the Camry some appreciation!

  2. Tj says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but out here in Australia, didn’t we get a version of this with the 4AGE 16V twin cam? If not, surely it wouldn’t be hard to fit one, would it? Either that or a 20V.

    • Jo_tas says:

      Correct! We did indeed.. I’ve owned two!


      They had 86kw 4AGE’s.. 4 wheel disc brakes, upgraded sway bars, better seats, leather wrapped steering wheel and gear knob from the factory.. great little car!

      • John says:

        Very cool! That body style in the middle in very interesting. We got a 3dr version of that here in the states with the 4AGE called the FX-16. It was a BLAST to drive.

    • AKADriver says:

      We did in America too.. ironically only rebadged as a Chevrolet. The Nova Twin Cam got blacked-out trim, red badging, and a 4A-GE.

  3. Nigel says:

    My sister had one, in white.
    (Chevy “Nova” panda with rust).

  4. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    “Hampered by it’s somewhat anemic engine and front-wheel-drive orientation…”

    Come on JNC, you’ve got to quit dismissing FWD and placing RWD on a superior pedestal. I’ve driven a classic Mini race car that consistently finished FTD in Solo I events, and I seriously prefer the handling of my modified Civic over my front-engine rear-drive Porsche.

    It’s a matter of driving style and preference. Think of the high percentage of our loved Japanese nostalgics that were built with FWD configuration – RWD, FWD they’re all cool! 🙂

    • Ben says:

      No doubt, and we (including John) love FF cars, Hondas included. I think what he meant was the AE82 was sold alongside the AE86, making kind of a hard case for the former….

      • John says:

        Exactly. Hard to get jazzed about a the AE82 sedan when the AE86 coupe is parked right next to it.

        I have no problems with FF cars. But some are most definitely better than others. 🙂

        And RWD is superior. 😛

      • Ben says:

        Which is not to say even the worst FR car is better than the best FF car. There are some real stinkers out there. A Grassroots Motorsports article around the time the RSX Type S came out said that it out-handled the same year BMW 3-Series.

        • Andre says:

          “Which is not to say even the worst FR car is better than the best FF car.”

          Whatever you say, you Initial D RWD drift fanboy…just look at Hondas, they’ve been taking on the big dogs of the RWD/AWD camp for the last 25 years or so, no other FF has ever done that, especially in that scale.

        • Ben says:

          Um, you misunderstood my sentence. It actually means the exact opposite of what you think. 🙂

  5. L.A.M says:

    It’s funny because i was admiring this post on VirtualModels the other day, they did such a great job on this one. It is a shame there are no cars like this on the street

  6. Alex says:

    New Zealand also had a 4age version labelled as a GT Corolla that was available as a 5 door lift back or 4 door sedan. Great fun cars, like an FXGT but with bonus practicality.

  7. yoda says:

    Want! Make mine a period color like light blue metallic with the Nova four-light grille.

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