The 2022 Honda Civic has a cool throwback Easter Egg

The 11th-generation Honda Civic makes a departure from the spaceship-like previous generation and leans toward the upscale, its angular lines replaced with a more sophisticated dynamic shape reminiscent of Acura. The new interior is said to “reimagine the clean and uncluttered lines of earlier generations of Civic.” Little did we know, it would give a nod to them as well.

A member on discovered a flattened drawing of a SB1 Honda Civic underneath the small coin tray insert of the center console. The illustration is splayed out, in the form of the traditional Japanese art of papaercraft. It’s a fitting nod to the Civic and Honda’s Japanese roots.

Honda is not new to papercraft, but cutting this out with an X-acto knife would prove to be a very time-consuming task. Perhaps you’re supposed to do a charcoal rubbing over the outline onto a piece of craft paper. Or perhaps this is papercraft’s sturdier cousin, plasticcraft.

This is not the first time Honda’s engineers have included an easter egg. In EX trim and above tenth-generation Civics, engineers included four different designs celebrating Honda’s motorsport and technological achievements underneath the center console rubber spill mat.

The designs include (clockwise from top left), In clockwise order from the top left, a Honda RC166 motorcycle, McLaren-Honda MP4/5B, and HondaJet; Honda RA106 F1 car, S800, RC213V motorcycle, and HondaJet; a HONDA NS500 motorcycle, ASIMO, and HondaJet; a Honda RA272 F1 car, the Curtiss race car Soichiro Honda built at age 16, and the HondaJet.

A fifth design was later discovered to be included in sedans built at Honda’s Yorii plant. It features all the side profiles of each Civic generation with “Honda Civic” spelled out in katakana up top.

That makes us if the SB1 isn’t just one of several variations out there in circulation. These easter eggs are a nifty reminder of Honda’s long heritage and the Power of Dreams. Frankly, it’s something more carmakers should be doing.

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4 Responses to The 2022 Honda Civic has a cool throwback Easter Egg

  1. BlitzPig says:


    Can’t wait to see the new SI Hatch. It may tempt me out of my Accord V6 manual Coupe.

  2. Dutch 1960 says:

    Jeep has been doing some of this too, in the last few years. Would love to see Mazda give it a try, as they have so much to draw from.

  3. CycoPablo says:

    Honda’s sentimentality is nothing new!
    S2000 was for their 50th anniversary, CRX/CR-X was a celebratory gift to the world for the car that saved them, the 1973 Civic. So the 1983 CRX was a ten year commemoration, thus
    – Civic
    – Renaissance
    – Roman X (ten)

    All this talk of “model-X” or eXperimental is overwrought rubbish. The truth is much simpler.

  4. Daniel says:

    Congratulations Honda for including a two-stroke motorcycle, you could put the NSR 500 or the NSR 250 or CR 250 depending on whether you want to make a nod to competition, street or enduro

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