Technical Difficulties

Unbelievable!! In lieu of nostalgic car news today there will instead be a rant about my Apple laptop. It’s where a good chunk of JNC’s content comes from, and it has died for the second time in just over a year of ownership. I’m furious, and also a freaking out a bit because we are on a tight deadline. Thankfully, I’ve been doing frequent backups ever since learning the hard way last December when the first crash happened.

Why am I writing about this publicly? On the off chance that some nostalgic-loving Apple employee reads this and decides to give me a new computer after all the trouble this Macbook has caused for me (and JNC readers). To be fair, Dan has an even older model and that has never experienced so much as a hiccup. Anyway, I’m off to buy a replacement hard drive first thing in the morning (conveniently, this falls out of warranty range) and will then begin the arduous task of restoring as much data as possible. We will return to your regularly scheduled coverage in a couple of days.


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12 Responses to Technical Difficulties

  1. Sillbeer says:

    Damn, I’ve always made sure I get the 2yr extended AppleCare on all the stuff I buy. I’m about to get the video card replaced in my Mac Pro for the second time…damn ATI junk. Hope you’re back up and running soon. Meanwhile, I’m reinstalling Final Cut Studio 2 for a second time…a 4hr procedure!


  2. 810-again says:

    And to think, one of the selling points of a Mac over a Windows PC is the inferrence that they don’t crash……..

  3. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    Know how you feel.I’ve had more than a few moments over the years of screaming like a banshee at malfunctioning computers:”Why the @£$€ can’t you be as reliable as my Toyota!!!” The one I’ve had for the last few years though,has been so problem free I’d consider naming my kids Hewlett and Packard if I had any.

  4. leongsoon says:

    Hm, weird, but all my laptops have problems with their power adaptor or disc drives, other than that, they’re pretty fine. Hope you get your stuff back up and running soon!

  5. Daniel says:

    Hmm. No problems with my Macbook (C2D 2.2 Ghz model). I am using it since fall 2007.
    Sounds like you really had bad luck with your machine.


  6. SrfairladyZ says:

    Sorry to hear that and I can feel your pain, I just had to reformat over the holiday weekend. First time in about 3 years. Not bad for a PC, haha!

  7. Gunnar says:

    Alas, it seems that us Apple customers pay for a little bit of style over hard PC substance. My iPhone acts possessed every now and then. Takes a reboot to get it right.

  8. Dan says:

    *keeps fingers crossed*

  9. El Kimico says:

    Let me know when the problem is resolved. I have been trying to log in in your forum and I have problems doing so. I did send an e-mail to Dan Hsu using my other e-mail address with no problem to “READERS RIDES”.

  10. Bloody computers always some sort of problem with them hope all is well and back to normal real soon

  11. sportracer-5 says:

    Have you tried Disk Warrior? It works wonders in restoring lost data and performing general HD maintenance.

  12. Ben says:

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, but the hard disk is deader than Nicole Brown Simpson. I had to buy a new one and pull what I could from backup. Even though I was backing up regularly, there was still an interval where some data was lost.

    El Kimico, the forum is on a remote server and should be unrelated to this crash. What kind of problems were you having? Please let us know.

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