Team HDO SR20-Powered RA28 Toyota Celica Drift Machine

Yesterday we posted a period-correct vintage Toyota race car. Today we’re going with a thoroughly modern one. Wildly stickered nostalgics usually induce mild indigestion around the JNC office but I suppose we can make an exception when it’s a D1 Grand Prix drift machine. This RA28 Toyota Celica Liftback is the newly liveried 2011 D1GP race horse of Team HDO, a Japanese shop that sells dorifto parts and — for the brave — used drift cars. 

Toyotaku pissed about the Scion FR-S will be even more infuriated to discover that it’s running a Nissan SR20DET with a Trust TD06H-25G.

The transmission is an HKS 6-speed dog box, not for the faint of heart.

Sponsor RS-Watanabe has thrown in massive 16×8+0 and 16×9-13 five-lugs that require custom HDO bolt-on flares. Here’s the beast in action, qualifying for Round 1 at Odaiba:

[Images: RS-Watanabe]

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20 Responses to Team HDO SR20-Powered RA28 Toyota Celica Drift Machine

  1. cesariojpn says:

    “Toyotaku pissed about the Scion FR-S will be even more infuriated to discover that it’s running a Nissan SR20DET with a Trust TD06H-25G.”


  2. tony stark says:

    so what if it runs a nissan engine? it is still a breath of fresh air to see nostalgics do some sideways action

    • cesariojpn says:

      Much like how even “suggesting” putting a LS engine into a Ford Mustang (or a 351 into a Camaro) will rile up the Chevy and Ford fanboys here in the states, these marquee engine swaps are in a similar stance.

  3. Nigel says:

    Looks like the White Top Secret machine.
    (“Smokey” Nagata’s machine).

  4. Eric says:

    While I may not be much of a fan of the engine swap either, I think it’s awesome to see cars like this in D1…. so if they feel it has to be SR20 powered to be competitive then so be it. It’s better than a V8 right? 😉

  5. LloyD says:

    so awesome seeing this compete-gives me inspiration for my 79 cressida.almost done…motorswap and cage left to do…

  6. Ghetto-lux says:

    I love the idea of a nostalgic drift car in a comp. not so much a fan of the swap either but like said b4 I rather here this SR scream for life then a v8 slapping throttle and no I don’t hate v8s just love the Japan cars

    RS wanna sponsor me a set of wheels for my Hilux I need big ones! 14×10-12 wides

  7. Power Tryp says:

    Honestly, I was digging on this alot more when it was white and blue. Still a bad ass Celica though.

  8. Tyler says:

    Sweet car! Too bad about the paint job.

  9. Richard says:

    Wish i did this instead of a 2rz swap in my ’80 celica back when i had it, along with an S13 x-member so i’d be able to use an S13 rack and coilovers.

  10. Cameron says:

    Sweet car, reminds me of the KP61 Starlet that was in D1. I do love seeing people keeping old school chaises competitive.

    Anyone notice the camber, I mean caster plates? Very interesting. Anyone know why or how this helps the RA Celica?

  11. Timmy says:

    Where can I get this kit? I want it?

  12. James says:

    one word: 18R-GTE. (Y)

    this isnt a toyota anymore, this is a nissan wearing the dead skin of a toyota.

  13. brian says:

    as an owner of a SR20DET swapped RA21…… i love the power of an SR……its a shame it cost so much to build a toyota 4cly of similar power and aftertermarket support…..i wanted to do a 3sgte swap but not for the $4000 it would have costed me and the months of work comppared to the $2500 and a week i spent on my SR20det.

    all i can say it TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!!!! nice motor choice

  14. Robert D. Baugh II says:

    I was wondering where to get a airdam and front flares plus rear spoiler like the ones on the ’77 Celica drifting?

  15. daniel says:

    these 1st gen celica’s will take just about any engine with a little modification.. import fan or domestic fan.. you gotta admit.. these liftbacks look sexy as hell. i know i own a ra29.

  16. Ben Rees says:

    I’ve seen this car two years ago when I visited Racing Service HDO. The car is still there but with one rear quarter caved in. I bought my RA28 Celica from them actually. Hideo-San is a really cool guy. Even took us to the Fukuyama Clock and Car museum and then out for some okonomiyaki! JAPAN IS AWESOME.

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