TBT: HKS M300 Toyota Celica XX

1983 HKS M300 A60 Celica XX

In 1983 HKS achieved the long-held dream of building the first car in Japan to surpass the magical 300 kph barrier. The HKS M300 was purpose built for that very task, and the proof is right there in its aspirational name. 

HKS M300 Celica XX

Based on the Toyota Celica XX (known as the A60 Supra in the US), its 5M-GEU had built internals, twin turbos, and an intercooler. Amazingly, the 5M’s EFI system was removed in favor of carburetors, since re-programming the electronics wasn’t really possible with the computer tech available to an independent tuning house at the time. The result was a rumored 600hp, or 425 more than the XX’s stock 173.

HKS took the creation, covered it with aero, and went to Yatabe Test Circuit where many of Japan’s famous cars were vetted. In the end, the M300 achieved 301.25 kph, or 187.19 miles per hour. Today, this history-making car is largely forgotten, but at least now you have your ammo for the next time someone says the 5M in your Cressida is worthless.

Image courtesy of HKS and Tokyo Auto Salon.

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4 Responses to TBT: HKS M300 Toyota Celica XX

  1. Bobby Bonner says:

    It would be cool to find out what happened to this car and it’s sibling.

  2. Nigel says:

    A very cool machine…I always see the same image of it.

  3. felix roa says:

    This is awesome. I has no idea. I own an 85 Celica supra with a 5mge that I was about to swap out to a 7mgte but now might be reconsidering.

  4. Kev says:

    You tell me this AFTER I sold my 85 supra haha Thanks for this article. Very cool.

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