Tamiya R/C Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X Pro

If the upcoming Hot Wheels Honda CR-X is too small for you, try this one on for size. Japanese hobby company Tamiya has released a radio control version of the Mugen CR-X Pro, the ne plus ultra of early 80s pocket rockets.

Not only does the kit look like a 1/10 scale reproduction of the real car, it’s got a independent coilover suspension and has a front wheel drive layout! For more information, watch the video below and check out the Tamiya website and Honda Japan website for more details.


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6 Responses to Tamiya R/C Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X Pro

  1. Nigel says:

    There is also a 1/24 plastic model kit of this awesome machine.

  2. madfaber says:

    i want that, you can get a kit so it has all the lights work to. epic JDM nerdness

  3. ra21benj says:

    Tamiya also has the 1977 Group 5 Celica Turbo LB (Item # 58513). It runs on the 4WD TT-01 Type E entry level chassis.

    For a lot of old school JDM cars, check out ABC Hobby USA (from Japan). I’ve got their 1600GT Celica (TA22) body on a RWD Goose chassis.

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