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Range Rover promo video shows James Bond’s Toyota Land Cruiser destroying Range Rovers

Normally when a car company strikes a product placement deal in a major blockbuster, provides cars to the production team, then posts a video to social media in which the cars getting destroyed, it typically doesn’t show the hero in … Continue reading

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Toyota thanks fans for 70 years of the Land Cruiser

The first Toyota Land Cruiser went on sale in August 1, 1951. This year, they celebrated 70 years of the well-traveled beast by not only launching the all-new J300 Land Cruiser, but announcing that the FJ40 would be the first … Continue reading

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Sonny Chiba gave the Mitsubishi Galant GTO a star turn in Key Hunters

Sonny Chiba, who passed away earlier this month, was synonymous with the Toyota Carina in Japan. For two decades the action star appeared in Carina commercials, and drove Carinas in real life (provided by Toyota, of course). However, there was … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser was ahead of its time

No one could’ve known when the J80 Land Cruiser was released just how insane the SUV market would become. And we’re not talking about the popularity of Toyota 4Runners and Ford Explorers that helped killed off sports cars like the … Continue reading

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Sonny Chiba, actor, action hero, Toyota spokesman, 1939—2021

Legendary Japanese action hero Sonny Chiba died on August 19 of pneumonia resulting from a COVID-19 infection. Known for his on-screen tough-guy persona, he often played martial arts masters, samurai, and yakuza. The actor in such films as The Street … Continue reading

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The Toyota Celica Supra and Mazda RX-7 make amazing transforming robots

You will soon be able to get highly detailed toys of two iconic Japanese sports coupes that transform into robots. Incredibly faithful to the 1980s Transformers they’re paying homage to, these recreations have super realistic automobile likenesses. However, due to … Continue reading

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Nicholas Cage drives a bugeye Celica in this bizarre Japanese movie

There’s a new trailer out for Prisoners of the Ghostland, a bizarre looking movie that takes place in some kind of Japanese Bartertown. It stars Nicholas Cage and, frankly, looks terrible, but there are at least some notable cars in … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Your all-Toyota garage in 1989 needs nothing else

Toyota was on a roll in 1989, with three revised or all-new models that are all highly desirable today. If you bought the entire trio of Cressida, Supra, and Truck you’d have a vehicle for every situation right at your … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The E90 Toyota Corolla offered 16-valve power to the masses

It’s really amazing what we take for granted in cars today. Back in 1988, Toyota extended its market dominance by offering multi-valve technology on a humble four-cylinder Corolla. That doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but was a small … Continue reading

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Japan brought out its best cars for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964

The 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo was a turning point for Japan. They were the first Olympics to be held in Asia, and Japan was ready to rejoin the world as a symbol of modernity. As a show of its … Continue reading

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Happy 8/6 Day from JNC

Cars that were once plentiful for under $1,000 are now worth big bucks. For those that have them, congrats. For those that don’t, hopefully you’ll get the chance to drive one someday. Happy 8/6 Day from JNC!

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More than you can afford pal: Toyota Supra Turbo sells for $201,000

Last week, an original owner, 7,000-mile A80 Supra sold for $201,000. It is not the first time a Supra has crossed into the 6-digit territory, but it has set the record for the most an A80 that’s not a movie … Continue reading

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Toyota announces Land Cruiser reproduction parts, starting with the FJ40

Yesterday marked 70 years since the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser debuted on August 1, 1951. And what better way to mark this milestone than for Toyota to announce that it would begin remaking parts for the now-classic 4×4.

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Tom Hanks’ FJ40 Land Cruiser to be auctioned at Monterey

Tom Hanks might be a great actor, but we never knew he had great taste in cars too. The Saving Private Ryan star apparently owns a 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser. However, he won’t own it much longer as it is … Continue reading

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2021 All-Toyotafest, Part 02 — Supra & Lexus

One of the great developments we noticed this year was the ascendancy of the A70 Supra. We can’t remember seeing such a high turnout of the third-gen Supra at Toyotafest, and it was good to see this important chassis receive … Continue reading

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2021 All-Toyotafest, Part 01 — Starlet, Corolla, Celica, MR2

After a year and a half of no major car shows, it was good to be back. The 2021 Toyotafest picked back up right where 2019 left off, although a few changes had to be made due to the pandemic. … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Megaweb showroom will close for good on Dec 31

One of our favorite places to visit in Tokyo has always been Toyota’s Megaweb showroom. Located in the Odaiba shopping district, it was perfect for getting a car fix while non-petrolhead traveling companions did some nearby souvenir collecting. Sadly, it … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The 1984 Corolla marked a watershed moment in Toyota history

The fifth-generation Corolla marked a paradigm shift in Toyota history. It was the first sign that the old, rear-wheel-drive traditions would soon be wiped clean, replaced with newfangled front-drive successors. It was a risky proposition for Toyota, but it paid … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Megaweb shows off some actual Toyotas

Like the Toyota Automobile Museum, the History Garage of Toyota’s Megaweb showroom in Odaiba, Tokyo is a celebration of all things automotive. Recently, we’ve seen them restore a couple of Nissans, an R32 Skyline GT-R and 510 Bluebird Coupé. Now, … Continue reading

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Toyota adds more Supra parts to GR Heritage Parts Project

Toyota announced today more parts to be added to the GR Heritage Parts Project for the A70 and A80 Supras. It’s the first expansion since the program was launched almost a year ago. So far the list hasn’t been very … Continue reading

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