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A Toyota Land Cruiser J80 has sold for $136,000

It was bound to happen. An 80-series Land Cruiser has followed the likes of the 2000GT and A80 Supra deep into six-figure territory by recently selling for $136,000. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances, with the main one being that … Continue reading

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Toyota is reportedly working on a new Celica powered by hydrogen or electrons

A report out of Japan indicates that Toyota is working on a sporty car that is powered by alternative fuel. More sporty cars are always a good thing, but what’s perhaps more interesting is that the report states Toyota could … Continue reading

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Toyota benchmarked the 80-series for the new Land Cruiser 300

Toyota went all-out in launching the J300 Land Cruiser, digging deep into its history to inform development of the latest iteration. One of the many revealing tidbits to come out of the LC300’s launch is the fact that the engineering … Continue reading

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The Land Cruiser still carries the enthusiast flag for Toyota

In an age when Toyota’s sports cars are built by other carmakers, Aichi still has one historic world-dominating model that the company will pull out all the stops for: the Land Cruiser. A new generation of the venerated truck debuted … Continue reading

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The Toyota S-FR was almost certainly a Mazda Miata underneath

The Toyota S-FR concept debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015 to much fanfare. The lightweight, rear-wheel-drive coupe had a manual transmission and was said to complete Toyota’s “three sports car brothers” trio below the 86 and Supra. Aichi … Continue reading

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Toyota Supra owner selling car to pay for his cat’s medical expenses finds there is still good in the world

The pandemic has been a reset for mankind, with shelter-in-place orders last year giving us time to wrench on our projects and spend time with our loved ones. However, one man in Osaka was posed with a very difficult choice … Continue reading

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Toyotafest is happening but everyone, including spectators, must pre-register

Great news! The City of Long Beach has given Toyotafest the green light, meaning the year-long nightmare of no official car shows may soon be over. However, there will be some major change that will affect everyone who attends, so … Continue reading

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These Mazda rotary facemask holders are the latest from a Japanese jewelry company that makes car-themed bling

The year-plus-long hell that the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned some interesting products. For example, Japanese jewelry company Jerev has made a facemask holder in the shape of a Mazda rotary engine rotor. Basically, The flat side sticks to your dash, … Continue reading

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The Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins trailer gets Japanese cars right

Hollywood movies often get car scenes wrong, but especially when the setting is in Japan. Typically they just sprinkle in some a Nissan Figaro in the background or set up a parking garage drift in Los Angeles that stands in … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Megaweb garage takes in an MZ11 Soarer

After thoroughly restoring two iconic Nissans, the restoration pit at the Toyota’s MegaWeb showroom in Tokyo has finally taken in a car from the home team. The car in question is an 1981 Toyota Soarer 2800GT, resplendent in a two-tone … Continue reading

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Toyota Corolla AE86 sells for $40,000 even with light rust

There are times when a car is found in a state that is neither creampuff nor derelict. It does not beg to be preserved, adding mileage to its already six-figure odometer doesn’t feel like abuse, and parking lot door dings … Continue reading

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EVENTS: The inaugural Kyushu Kei Car Meeting

On Sunday April 25th the inaugural Kyushu Kei Car Meeting was held in Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture. I see a raised hand in the back there. “Inaugural” means, like, the first one? Well, yeah. Due to a glaringly obvious oversight, … Continue reading

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QotW: What would you do if you were Akio Toyoda?

Today is Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda’s 65th birthday. So, first of all, happy birthday, Toyoda-san! It’s a notable age, because in the US it was once the traditional age at which one receives a gold watch and rides off into … Continue reading

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The Toyota Crown Vellfire minivan is slightly less insulting than the Crown SUV

We’ve been very concerned with the Toyota Crown recently. It has been rough times for the nearly 70-year history of Japan’s staple sedan. We recently learned that, at the Shanghai Auto Show, Toyota debuted the Crown Kluger SUV, a lightly … Continue reading

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EVENTS: Ryu Asada Memorial Drive and Fundraiser

Ryu Asada was loved. By his family, by his friends, by his colleagues, and by the 200 people that showed up with a week’s notice to celebrate his life. The venerated Hot Wheels and Matchbox designer was taken from all … Continue reading

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The Toyota Crown Kluger SUV is here to replace the Crown sedan

Last year, we learned that 2021 would be final year of the Toyota Crown. The staple of Japan’s streets would, after over six decades of continuous production, come to an end due to lagging sedan sales. Its replacement is not … Continue reading

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Toyotafest 2021 registration has opened

The Coronavirus pandemic last year left us with a canceled Toyotafest. It was sad, too, because it was supposed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Celica as well as the 25th anniversary of Toyotafest itself. With lockdown restrictions gradually … Continue reading

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The Nissan van that was one of Japan’s oldest food trucks has closed after 45 years

From the looks of the dilapidated Nissan van that houses Hot Dog Yotsuba, you might assume that it had closed long ago. But, the patina’ed exterior was part of its charm, and the stand looked like an abandoned car even … Continue reading

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A 510 Nissan Bluebird SSS CoupĂ© has been restored… by Toyota

The 510 Nissan Bluebird is one of the most important cars in Japan’s motoring history. So it should come as no surprise that an automaker would want to restore this important automotive legacy and put it in a museum. Recently, … Continue reading

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Watching a Toyota Crown get lavishly detailed is extremely satisfying

Owning a black car can be a blessing and a curse. A sleek, perfectly paint-corrected and waxed example can give an elegant car such as this MS60 Crown a menacing yakuza vibe. On the other hand, it’s also one wrong … Continue reading

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