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Toyota MegaWeb showroom demolished; to be replaced with sports arena

Yesterday, August 31, was the final day for the Daikanransha, the 377-foot ferris wheel that was one of the many attractions by Toyota’s MegaWeb showroom. When it opened in headier times in 1999, it was the tallest ferris wheel in … Continue reading

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The Nakagin Capsule Tower, a symbol of Japan’s golden age of innovation, is being demolished

On April 12, demolition of the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo began. The once-futuristic building was a symbol of Japan’s modernism during its golden age of innovation. The avant-garde concept consisted of 140 detachable apartments that could be removed and … Continue reading

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Megaweb has reopened before closing permanently at the end of the year

As we reported back in July, Toyota’s Megaweb showroom in Tokyo will be closing for good at the end of the year. If you wanted to see it, though, there was a slight hitch: the showroom had already closed, as … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Megaweb showroom will close for good on Dec 31

One of our favorite places to visit in Tokyo has always been Toyota’s Megaweb showroom. Located in the Odaiba shopping district, it was perfect for getting a car fix while non-petrolhead traveling companions did some nearby souvenir collecting. Sadly, it … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Megaweb shows off some actual Toyotas

Like the Toyota Automobile Museum, the History Garage of Toyota’s Megaweb showroom in Odaiba, Tokyo is a celebration of all things automotive. Recently, we’ve seen them restore a couple of Nissans, an R32 Skyline GT-R and 510 Bluebird Coupé. Now, … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Megaweb garage takes in an MZ11 Soarer

After thoroughly restoring two iconic Nissans, the restoration pit at the Toyota’s MegaWeb showroom in Tokyo has finally taken in a car from the home team. The car in question is an 1981 Toyota Soarer 2800GT, resplendent in a two-tone … Continue reading

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A 510 Nissan Bluebird SSS Coupé has been restored… by Toyota

The 510 Nissan Bluebird is one of the most important cars in Japan’s motoring history. So it should come as no surprise that an automaker would want to restore this important automotive legacy and put it in a museum. Recently, … Continue reading

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ART CORNER: Takashi Matsuyama’s Motor Panic

Takashi Matsuyama is a Japanese artist that creates wonderfully rich automotive landscapes in his art. Densely packed with cars, pop culture references, and easter eggs galore, his works are like a vehicular Where’s Waldo? Many of his illustrations were supposed … Continue reading

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A Nissan Skyline GT-R has been lovingly restored… by Toyota

The world is utterly divided and in turmoil right now, so this is exactly the kind of story we need. Recently, an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R was restored by expert mechanics as part of their duties for one of Japan’s … Continue reading

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Toyota closes museums, Megaweb, for coronavirus

COVID-19 is no laughing matter, but sometimes the jokes write themselves. Toyota has closed several of its facilities in Japan, including the Toyota Automobile Museum and Megaweb showroom, due to the coronavirus.

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MOTORSPORT: Mitsubishi rally cars showcased at Megaweb

Though owned by Toyota, the Megaweb showcase in Odaiba, Tokyo and the adjacent History Garage offer much more than Aichi steel. Since last year, there has been a rotating exhibit of famous rally cars, often on loan from other automakers. Currently, it is Mitsubishi’s … Continue reading

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EVENTS: Toyota Sports 800 50th Anniversary, Day 02

When we last met, dear reader, I told you of my adventures traveling to Nagoya for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Toyota Sports 800, an adorable little car known to many of us as the Yotahachi. That day included … Continue reading

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One last tour of Toyota’s Amlux showroom as it closes for good

Today marks the end of a Tokyo institution. Toyota‘s Amlux showroom is closing after 23 years of operation. Most residents of Japan’s constantly morphing metropolis probably didn’t even notice, but for die-hard Toyotaku it’s the end of an era.

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