Suzuki Fronte 550

This here rare brown bird is a Suzuki Fronte 7-S 550. That’s 550cc’s of rear-engined, rear-wheel drive kei car sweetness. It’s difficult to eyeball the scale of this car until you get a look at the fender mirrors, which protrude like giant antennae on a vehicle of this size. It was the last of the RR Suzukis, and the larger engine was used in anticipation of the 1976 bump in kei car displacement from 360cc to 550cc.

“7-S” or sebunesu in nickname form, stood for stamina, space, sense, safety, Suzuki TC (twin catalyst), silent, and save money. But even kei cars couldn’t escape power-sucking emissions systems of the 1970s. The TC selling point was actually an emissions system that dampened power to a measly 28ps, less than what an older 360cc Fronte GT made.

[Image: Corism]

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5 Responses to Suzuki Fronte 550

  1. E-AT_me says:

    so, it’s rear engine, rwd, but it’s named the “fronte”? interesting…

  2. Benji says:

    Thats awesome, I would love to own this particular one!
    (colour is awesome gives me tingles, also love the little scoop)

    As for it being the last of the RR Suzukis; I thought they built the Cervo until mid 1982?

    There is actually a Cervo for sale around here with a mere 3000km on the clock.

  3. Shahid Mehmood says:

    Thats really an ecnomical car and in a bearable price.

  4. Thats really an ecnomical car an in a bearable price range

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