Superbly Stanced Sunny B210

On stock B210 Sunnys with tall ride height and skinny, hubcapped wheels, the sloping character line intersecting the rear wheel well gets lost. But when said Datsun is slammed, turaichi shakotan style on deep black Wats, it cuts straight to our hearts.


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5 Responses to Superbly Stanced Sunny B210

  1. Tyler says:

    Yes! It’s almost as apparent as on an S10 Silvia. The only thing that could make this better is for it to be some crazy 70’s color.

  2. yhl says:

    that is some major dangerous stretch. (O_O)

  3. mr storm says:

    wow! big dangerous !!

  4. datsunfreak says:

    That is almost low enough…

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