Sung’s Garage’s new wheel pays homage to Z432

Actor and car guy Sung Kang has unveiled a new three-piece wheel destined for his DocZ project, itself an homage to the Datsun 240Z that dominated the 1971 East African Safari Rally. If you are looking to give your Z or 510 that restomod rally car look, this may be your chance.

The two-tone grey wheels are dubbed “78 Nanakorobi Yaoki,” stemming from the Japanese proverb, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8.” The design is modeled after the Fairlady Z432 factory wheels, but with the modern spec of 16x8J.

We think they look right at home on the appropriate Safari Gold Z used for test fitting. Sung plans a limited run of 20 sets, if you want a set, you can direct message Sung’s Garage here.

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5 Responses to Sung’s Garage’s new wheel pays homage to Z432

  1. A little more background information on the original wheels would have been nice, especially since you find plenty of that.

    The original japanese Kobe-Sieko Wheels where made out of magnesium.
    It is close to the Kobe seiko “Magalloy” wheel, but not exactly the same.

    They came (as far as i know) in 5.5j x 14″ as OEM wheels for the 432 and 7j x 14″ for the works rallye cars

    The “portucal Spec” 240Z got the same as Z432 wheels installed as OEM wheels, but they didn’t make it to the “final spec” european 240Z version.

    Over the time there have been plenty of reproductions in Japan (XX auto, revive jalopy, etc.) and other countries, many of them are 15″

    the latest ones are from Zstory in france (aside from the ones in this post), which are probably even a bit closer to the original ones than the ones shown here.

    • csp311 says:

      Lets straighten a few facts out..

      The Kobe Seiko “MAGLLOY” wheel wasn’t released for sale until 1978. This was Kobe Seiko’s own design, after making the OEM z432 and what is known as the Rally wheel.

      Japanese companies have make 14″ replicas of the Rally wheel, none have done 15″ except a small batch in the UK. I think all the Japanese replica wheels are made in aluminium, whilst some of the UK was done in magnesium.

      Zstory wheels are from the same factory that M-Speed (Japan) got to make their design inspired by the Z432 and Rally wheel (14″). Both differ from the originals. And in affect are M-Speed wheels as its their design.

      The 15″ looks wrong that Zstory got made, they have enlarged the wheel to 15″ but without enlarging the whole wheel. (just added some extra length in the spokes).

  2. Mark F Newton-John says:

    Looks like the classic Campagnolo wheels from an Alfa Romeo.

  3. Ol' Shel' says:

    16 is too big for Zs and 510s. Looks too modern for the period styling, and the diameter of the tire ends up too large, raising the car and giving a slight ‘donk’ element.. 15 is the max (IMO)

  4. Rob says:

    Too bad they aren’t 15s, they would look better, I think, and I would snatch a set. 16 is just too big for that car. Beautiful looking wheel though. I love it.

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