VIDEO: Subaru Vintage Garage explores Fuji Rabbit, 360

Subaru Vintage Garage

Subaru has been making a concerted effort to promote its history as of late. Timed perfectly with our visit to the Subaru History Collection is the debut of a video series called Subaru Vintage Garage. Watch these bite-size history lessons about Fuji Heavy Industries earliest vehicular efforts. They will be released in chronological order, with the first two covering the Fuji Rabbit scooter and the Subaru 360 kei car.

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2 Responses to VIDEO: Subaru Vintage Garage explores Fuji Rabbit, 360

  1. Tyler says:

    Really cool videos but I feel Mr. Whelan could be a bit more enthusiastic! Regardless, it’s great to see the company putting out historical videos, as so few companies seem to do.

  2. j3wman says:

    man get that ol dead guy up outta here and get the dudes from epic meal time or Zach Galafanakis!

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