Subaru Philosophy blog launches

Fuji Heavy Industries recently launched the Subaru Philosophy blog, and although it has only two posts so far things look promising. The first describes the origins of the company name and the logo (spoiler alert: the Pleiades constellation), while the second one details the 1966 launch of the Subaru 1000, which was meant to compete with the Nissan Sunny, Toyota Corolla and Mazda Familia. Here’s to the hope of many more archival photos surfacing at this particular URL.

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2 Responses to Subaru Philosophy blog launches

  1. Eljay71 says:

    There seems to be a development towards greater awareness and pride of history and heritage amongst Japanese car companies. Very uplifting! 🙂

  2. Tyler says:

    I think I found their philosophy, and it starts with good ole Ford.

    Many enthusiasts point to “inspiration” in terms of Japanese designs, but the 2000GT has nothing on the FF1. 😉

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