Subaru celebrates 60 years with Japanese postage stamp set

Subaru is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Japan this year, and to honor the occasion the country’s post offices are issuing a set of commemorative stamps. The postage sheet features several Subaru models from the company’s six decades of cars, from the 360 (in both stock and racing form) latest Legacys. 

The stamps have been issued in two waves. The first spans the earlier half of the company’s history, from the founding of Fuji Heavy Industries’ automotive division in 1958 to the tail end of the Showa Era. The cars include a Subaru 360, R-2, Sambar, 1000, Rex, Leone, Justy and Alcyone.

The second spans 1989 to present, and includes cars like the Impreza, Legacy, 22B and SVX. Each set comes with a sheet of 10 ¥82 postage stamps, good for a domestic letter weighing 25g or less, a folder, and 20 postcards. The price of each volume, ¥3,500 (approximately $35 USD) excluding a ¥659 shipping fee, may seem kind of steep for all but the most dedicated Subarites.

Unfortunately, Volume 1 seems to no longer be on sale, but Volume 2 is still available. If you have a Japanese address you can order them at Subaru’s website. If Subarus aren’t your bag, Japan Post has issued commemorative stamp sets celebrating other corners of the nation’s auto industry, including the Toyota 2000GTNissan Skyline, and Mazda Miata.

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3 Responses to Subaru celebrates 60 years with Japanese postage stamp set

  1. MikeRL411 says:

    And some people insist that there is no Japanese local interest in older vehicles! My Japanese relatives could not understand why I had not junked my RL411 until they one by one visited us in California and rode in it. They LIKED it ! Now when we visit them all want current pictures. My son is getting married next month, so I think I had better get the RL411 detailed so that I can take them for a ride in fitting style !

  2. nthuZis1 says:

    How can I buy one?

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