NEWS: Street debut of the Nissan IDx Concepts

6101_Nissan IDx Freeflow

Over the weekend Nissan did something very unusual. They took their priceless, one-of-a-kind concept cars all over SoCal to meet the public face to face. This would’ve been a ballsy move for any concept, but for the Nissan IDx siblings, the most talked-about show cars of the year? This was unheard of. 

We’d already seen the Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO at their Tokyo Motor Show debut, but that was a completely different environment. Sitting on stage surrounded by the sweeping architecture of an auto show booth, you get no sense of scale or natural light. So when Nissan’s PR team invited us to the IDx’s street debut, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to glimpse what the company’s most important concept in a decade would look like on American pavement.

Usually when automakers hold these press events, it’s at a rented studio closed off to the public. Nissan didn’t do that. They parked their million dollar concepts on the only lot along Abbott Kinney Boulevard, named after the neighborhood’s eccentric founder and the trendiest street in the already trendy locale of Venice, Los Angeles.

So what’s it like? Well, when we saw it on stage at the Tokyo Motor Show we thought it looked rather large, but amongst lumbering luxury SUVs and Camry taxis its true size is revealed. It’s about the size of an S13 Silvia. It’s quite small by today’s standards, and we only hope the production version stays true to its lightweight mission.

In sunlight, you also notice some contours and creases along its flanks that are hidden under indoor lighting. It looks more svelte, more taut, like a katana ready to strike. It’s also more aggressive when taken out of the hyper-angular futuristic environment of Tokyo and plopped among LA’s more organic and imperfect shapes.

Comparisons to heritage cars from other automakers are inevitable. But take the Dodge Challenger, for example. It’s enormous, a barcalounger dressed up like a muscle car. It’s built for those who imagine themselves as rebels without a cause but rarely drive like it. The IDx, on the other hand, looks purposeful, a partner you can dance with. It’s clear at first glance that it’s not just for straight line cruising.

Of course, there’s the tiny issue of the automatic transmission. Initial reports from Tokyo mentioned a CVT, the harbinger of doom that would negate any goodwill towards enthusiasts. We’ve had spirited discussions here at JNC about that very issue, and we told the Nissan reps straight up that JNC readers will march on Nashville with torches and pitchforks if a manual isn’t offered. “Oh we are aware,” they said, “The message has been received loud and clear.”

One thing’s for sure. It draws crowds. From press to random passers by out for a night on the town to Peter Brock himself, the IDx turned heads. As the sun set, Nissan flicked the IDx’s lights on. Once again, a completely different look than on the turntables at Tokyo. Here, real world darkness gave the illumination an opportunity to stand out on its own. The Freeflow’s taillights in particular are works of art, and the instrument clusters on both cars are dazzling.

The next morning Nissan would bring the pair to the original Cars & Coffee at Mazda HQ, then to the Petersen Museum during a Q&A with Peter Brock. Next it would appear at Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills. Nissan is acutely aware of the interest these cars are generating and they are on the right track by listening to us, the enthusiasts.

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69 Responses to NEWS: Street debut of the Nissan IDx Concepts

  1. eric says:

    They are beutiful when you look at them for a while. They are so different then anything out there.

  2. crazycat says:

    Ugh…. So ugly… SOOOO SOO Ugly. : (
    I rather own a yugo!

  3. Victor says:

    That steering wheel though… The head lights and tail lights on the Nismo are awesome, I just don’t know which one I like more.

    • Dimitri says:

      DAMN! Out of all the pics that came out, I missed the wheel one. Thanks for the clickbait. I seriously like how this is going. Fender mirrors, old school wheel, fender flares (ish)… Now make it an inline 6 HAHAHAHA

  4. Tj says:

    It’s growing on me.

    I’m also glad to hear that they’re acutely aware of the potential backlash brewing if they don’t offer a manual.

    The next round of interrogation they’ll receive will be about what’s going to power it.

  5. Benjamin says:

    The more I look at this car the more I like it, especially from the front.

    Nissan, junk the Juke and the other hideous abomination known at the Rogue, and bless North America with a Nissan IDx wagon. Please.

  6. Matt says:

    I think to make this nicer it just needs a little bit of toning down. And I don’t think i’ve ever seen a production car that wasn’t at least some what toned down compared to the Concept car. There’s a really neat base here and with some input and refinements and a little less “LOOK AT ME!” it will be a very nice car.

  7. Inline6ness says:

    I get that it’s a concept car and as was mentioned before, the production version will be “toned down”… But did Nissan intentionally design it to look like a snap together plastic model. There is ZERO flow from panel to panel… Nissan has made boxy but still stylish cars forever, what the hell happened here? It will never be on the same level as the GT86 for anyone but Nissan fanboys…

    • DesignerD says:

      yes… 🙂 it’s part of the aesthetic for Co-Creation… that fact that it looks like you can snap on or off different panels to make your own style. And besides, the Toyabaru car is just a generic sports car GT form. There is nothing new about it or it’s application and you sure couldn’t tell it apart from other cars on at the street at a distance or at night. Equally, there’s nothing wrong with it per se. But it’s not iconic, and the IDx is.

      • Ant says:

        Interesting to hear your take on it, DesignerD – out of interest, will you be at the Geneva Motor Show in March? If you’re there on the 4/5th I’d be very interested in grabbing a few words.

  8. Tony says:

    Put the yellow ones head and tail lights on the nismo version and make the thing already… Glad they understand it needs a stick… Honestly that is a no brainer the fact that people had to complain about the CVT for Nissan to wake up is a lil scary oh and when I say make the thing already I say that because they can avoid the mistake chevy made with the 2010Camaro from the time chevy showed that car to the time it was available for sale it already need a mid life refresh lol the only worst example is the “new” NSX… how many years now since the commercial with Lenno & Steinfeld fighting over the 1st car? Mag features? and still no actual NSX… poor product planning! ok RANT complete!

    • Randy says:

      I still wish they’d have refined and produced the Urge… I could’ve nursed the Grand Am along for another year; it was only rusting out brake lines!

      • Randy says:

        NISSAN Urge, for those who aren’t familiar with it…

        Could’ve been the “techno-competitor” to the Miata, instead of the MX-5 having a 23 year head start.

  9. gravetrapp says:

    I am sad to see no okamoto JNC stuck anywhere. I think Nissan needs to run with this program, seems as if the time is right for the retro themes. Look how successful Dodge has been with there entire throwback lineup. I’m in if it happens, looks like a modern Dime.

  10. Randy says:

    Wow, I like it even more in these pix! Still don’t really see the relative size…

    I hadn’t noticed the acrylic(?) panel in front of the headlights previously. Definitely want to see how they style the bumpers to this, ’cause that could be an expensive parking lot mishap.

    Nice to see that the NISMO’s headlight “surrounds” are lighted! Are they going to be the “switchback” type of lights? That would be way cool! Ditto for the Freeflow’s headlight trim.

    About a week after they come out, somebody will put in the first taillight sequencer.

    I can see the NISMO’s taillight design worked into another vehicle, soon. Mirror the light so it’s a “sideways diamond,” and wrap it around the corner

    I missed that shelf-design of the dashboard from the ’80s. That was SUPREMELY useful, and I think I miss that feature even more than vent windows. Love that T-handle shifter design, too.

    Only thing: I want my hood and trunk lid to match the fenders/doors. Roof can match or contrast; let’s see how they look in real life.

    So what was the on-the-street reaction?

    • Ben says:

      People loved it. It turned a lot of heads. We didn’t go to Cars & Coffee the next morning but word is that people flocked around these and ignored the Ferrari Enzo parked nearby.

  11. DesignerD says:

    Great photos and an awesome write-up Ben! Cheers! We’ve been following the event on twitter and can’t believe how successful it was! So thank you and thank you to everyone who took time out to go see them!

    • Randy says:

      So what’s the scale of the car? I think it was discussed as being about the size of a Suzuki Swift/Geo Metro, but if not, is it abou tthe size of a Versa? Sentra? Yaris?

      Oh yeah – how are the turn signals handled in the design?

      May as well spill it all, now that it’s in the public consciousness.

      • DesignerD says:

        It’s actually bloddy small! It’s only 4.1m long (so 25cm longer than a 2014 MINI!!!) which is just awesome!

        As for the indicators, on the FreeFlow front view, do you see the light coloured horizonatl line between the chrome bumper form and the body (effectively in the panel gap)? That’s it right there. On the wing mirror, there’s a similar treatment on the trailing edge of the housing. It’s difficult to see as it’s in opaque plastic, but it lights up beautifully. On the rear, the 3 red elements have corresponding forms underneath them which act as the indictor, thus completing the form.

        On the Nismo, the “boomerang” forms glow from white to orange (or red to orange) when needed.

        The team did a great job of showing differnet ways to solve the problem and in a beautifully designed way.

        • Randy says:

          Man, I’m likin’ this more and more!

          It’s often the little details that “make” a car.

          There was a time when I’d wash and wax the car, then just sit back and enjoy the styling, and this looks like it’s going to be one of those cars. I’ve missed them.

          I can hardly wait to see this/these in real life!

    • Ben says:

      Thanks, D. I really enjoyed the chance to see the car out about about, in context with everyday objects and cars. Rarely ever happens with a concept. Great job on the design!

    • Tony says:

      Can you leak the platform that this will be built on for production?at at least tell us if it will be a old platform revisited/updated there has been much talk about this subject on JNC and I think its fair to say many of us would like to know the direction

  12. Randy says:

    I looked up the page on Nissan’s page, and it says it has 195/50-18 tires. Closest size I could find on Tire Rack were like, $150/each, minimum. I’m hoping the brakes, and therefore wheel size get toned down so the tires aren’t ridiculous to replace.

    If I did the conversions right, the tires’ diameter is about 25.68 inches, which would allow for 195/75-14, 215/70-14, 225/60-15 and as big as 335/35-17 Hoosier steamrollers, so you (I) could go from the cruiser to the track screamer.

    • wantyerknobby says:

      the only screaming would be the cvt as you void your warranty lol

      • Randy says:

        I don’t get it…

        If it’s a shot at the cvt, that wouldn’t apply to me. 🙂

        • wantyerknobby says:

          that’s ok. hey what the heck chassis this is going to be is anybody’s guess.
          can’t be the fm platform that’s way too upscale
          are they creating a whole new rwd cvt?
          stay tuned..

    • John says:

      195/75/14 are you just being a joker??? That car would look really stupid with that size tire. Hell most new cars today have 16 or bigger tires.

      • Randy says:

        I just took the size down to the minimum that has the same diameter. Not sure how small I’d go.

        If it’s Versa-sized, then yes, smaller wheels and tires. Somebody said it was S30 Silvia-sized, but in “the steel buckle of the rust belt,” I haven’t seen an SX in YEARS, so the direct reference is a bit fuzzy.

        Right now, my present ride has 185/60-15s, and lemme tell ya – I * HATE * them on our crappy roads. One street is cobblestone, and NOT exceeding 15mph still knocked my GPS off the windshield, and makes things rattle. It’s a Toyota product, so it doesn’t normally rattle. I don’t drive on my local straight streets in a straight line; I’m just “happy” I can stay mostly on my side of the yellow line, or not graze the telephone pole next to the big hole. Fortunately, I haven’t had to go to any of the neighborhoods that have the BAD roads lately.

        A friend’s Sentra – a SENTRA – has 17s. It’s like, the SV kid-hauler version with the CVT. It’s not a performance model, so the oversized wheels are really just there for show. He had an INTREPID that had 16s, and my past includes a Metro with TWELVE-inch wheels, but it never slid around turns that I didn’t slow down much for, unless I did it just right. Eventually, it dawned on me that I’d been overdoing the tires for years.

        I’m not looking at track time; I wouldn’t do that with the car I need for work. If I have the [X] for my bread-and-butter, and this is the weekend toy, then yeah, let’s throw the not-street-legal rubber band tires in the back seat and head on over, but until then, I’d like ride quality that allows me to keep my fillings, and not have to have the thing aligned and burn $600 on tires every year.

        • John says:

          That was some good reading Randy LOL.
          But the iDX is a nice size car, So I think it will be safe to say they are going to go with at least a 16-17 wheel and tire.

    • Tony says:

      Sorry to say it but I think the tires need to be wide from the factory at least on the sport version… 235/40/18 thats what the focus ST has and in the sport compact world that seems to be the drivers car to have (EVO & STI aside) Its been a bit since I looked at the offerings for this segment but I think the WRX also has a 235 or 225 width tire as standard.. Also gotta have the room for more rubber as tuners like to carve corners, imagine 255’s up font and 275’s out back on this thing!! That would be the cats pajamas!

      • Randy says:

        Hey! Missed ya!

        Anyway, yes, the ST, WRX, Evo, etc have the performance rubber, but the “wider-market” versions don’t. Kind of like Juke vs Juke NISMO. aaaaaAAAAaaaahhhhh… 🙂

        If you build it soup-to-nuts as THE version, there’s much less tuning/”upgrading” available, and we had the whole go-round on the marketing…

        I can NOT say I’ve seen even one Toyobaru (either brand) on the road around here yet… I’d like to… A lot. Maybe it’s the market where I live; maybe it’s the cost of the cars themselves. If the latter, I’d certainly like to see the wider-market version one on the streets, if only to get people’s attention. I haven’t seen a new-generation Miata outdoors, either…

        (That was you that posted the link to that dealer with all the Evos, right? Maybe if MMC advertised them, there wouldn’t BE a dealer with 47 of them on the lot at all times.)

        • Tony says:

          Yeah been swamped with work n family… I agree we have the spec for how we would do it figured As for the toyobaru we gottem in Wisconsin all over sitting on dealer lots not as many as the evo X’s I posted that link to but you could have your choice for sure.

        • Randy says:

          So the obvious question: Why are they not selling?

          Is it possible that “the younger generation” (sub-30) actually prefers 4-doors?

          Of course, winter probably isn’t the best time to try to sell them… At least not in the northern half.

          Watch – all these cool RWDs will be coming out just as we slide into a mini ice age.

          • Tony says:

            I have a good friend that has an opinion on the sales of the toyobaru he is a ex owner of a tuner shop in Wisconsin so take it with a grain of salt.. “while the car loos good and is made well it is an illusionist of speed that people in our area dont like” To an extent he is correct they carve corners well and drift well but they do it at such a low speed because they were dialed in that way… they are not fast or even really quick in comparison to many vehicles that could be had for similar money…

            the Z is a good example (base version) could be had for around the same dollars and would kill these cars on the streets. Not that I personally dont get the cool factor in making a car your own I personally see these as FRS cars as a replacement for the Nissan 240sx and I even owned a 97 in arrest me red but everything about marketing etc is wrong to me.

            Example FRS shoulda been a celica and a high rev na engine 235hp??… a coupe replacement of the S2000 as a scion it has no point I know what many may think that they bring in new young buyers but, toyota could have done that and are currently trying to change their image to do so etc… More importantly Scion has a stigma as a kids car around here they get no respect KIA is the same…the Subi version should have been boosted from day one in STI spec 300hp… Thats what I think and my buddy Ben… honestly imports need to find their way in the market again… they were cheep on insurance easy to work on and with some mods they could beat a stock mustang GT this Nissan IDX could kill the FRS cars if done correctly but I dont see the power they need to do it being available from the factory this will be a motorswap car unless they get down to what it should be and by that I mean make it like the SRT4 Neon only rear drive they had very strong engines that could take abuse and make real power when modded in a rear drive layout this would rock and if it had low weight it could be a contender!

          • Randy says:

            Okay, so they look faster than they are? Remember what I said about cars that do that? If the drive doesn’t match the “promise,” that hurts them.

            If it drifts at low speeds, doesn’t that just
            mean it has poor traction?

            I wonder if the SX were brought out today – as was, including price – if it would be “eh.”

            I just looked up the base Z; just under $30K. I cant believe I’m about to say this, but that looks almost reasonable.

            I’m also thinking that the target demographic just doesn’t have the money for it, and the better-heeled (older) buyers would be looking at a toy, and not something to cruise around with their friends, so they WOULD go Z, or just buy a BMW.

            Scion tC isn’t a bad car; first-gen’s interior space comp’d well to the Chevy Monte Carlo. There was a supercharger option that I’d think would have been fun.

            I should’ve gotten the xB – interior space was GREAT, just wouldn’t spend the extra 2-grand, I think it was. I got the xA, and it could use more power, but it carries what I need to carry – it was only $13K and it does the job. How’s that for excitement? I think I saw turbo kits for the x’s.

            If people looked seriously at Kia, they might get a better impression; they ARE nice. Now, the Rio, and the Hyundai Accent are ECONOMY cars, so I don’t think da peeps are being realistic about them. They’re pretty close to the disposable Metro.

            That Subie “Shooting Brake” was interesting. Hope they build it.

            Since you mentioned the IDx’s power, and assuming they’re sticking with a max of 1.6 litres, what about a turbo?

            They could probably do some near-magic with trans & rear-end gearing, but you MAY have to wind it out for better performance.

            I dunno man… Everybody seems to think they’re going to get an Indy car for 10-grand…

  13. invinciblejets says:

    It grows on my everytime I see it…
    I just hope the production model tones down all of those quirky concept cars design cues like random chrome, random holes and insane interior’s…

    I just want it to stay lightweight and simple .

    Manual tho for sure I will give up all hope in future vehicles if no manual is offered.

  14. John says:


    This came up on another forum.

  15. adil yellow 510 says:

    love it love it! definitely buy one of these!

  16. Dave says:

    Really loving this pair more and more, but gotta say the 86/FR-S still wins my heart. I saw these cars at the Detroit auto show, and they looked really great in person. They look superb in these photos under natural light. You just see so much more detail in the design! They also look great with people around them, makes them look more compact. The tach in front of the steering wheel is too Mini Cooper-esque, however. And I just don’t buy the CVT-only claim; if/when this comes to market, I’m sure they’ll offer a stick for a car like this.

    BTW, regarding the Challenger, “It’s enormous, a barcalounger dressed up like a muscle car, built for those who imagine themselves rebels without a cause but rarely drive like it.” Ouch and hit it right on the nail! Ha!

    • wantyerknobby says:

      toyobaru looks pretty but so what? who wants to drive a pretty car these days? also if nissan priced the idx in the toyobaru range they’d shoot themselves in the foot

      • Randy says:

        So the IDx should start around 30?

        • wantyerknobby says:

          too smart for your britches boy! lol the poor fanboi’s on here always skip the fine print.

          “Palmer did not specify a price range for the vehicle, saying only that it would have to be “affordable.”

          He cautioned that the IDx concepts are not new Datsun 510s, but are inspired by the lingering appreciation of the old car.”

          fire up the inflation calculator: 1968 $2000 only gets you $13k in 2013

          the big scam that everybody who buys a new car ignores: even adjusted for inflation cars cost 3x more now

          that extra dough feeds the insatiable shareholders

          • Randy says:

            🙂 If being a smart@$$ was a marketable commodity, I could buy my own country!

            I fully agree about the price of vehicles far outstripping the normal increases in price due to inflation. I have a hard time with those prices too, man. A friend of mine told me about a V-8 Camaro for, as he phrased it, ” a mere $65,000.” I don’t know anybody with that kind of coin to drop on a car – especially when you consider the cars that are geared toward the youth market are unaffordable TO that same demographic. I just can’t see a 52-year-old Hedge Fund manager, about the only people who can afford them – buying one of those cars.

            I can see where all the safety equipment adds to the price, but they ARE outta hand.

            Thing is, if the CEOs, etc., don’t feed “the insatiable shareholders,” they get voted out, and somebody else gets put in to do the same thing.

            “Affordable” is one of those nebulous terms that doesn’t really mean anything… Maybe in NYC, a $40K car is “affordable,” but in Wheeling, WV, not so much.

            Really, the only answer would be for people to just take a year off from buying and leasing, and shock the absolute hell out of the companies. Problem is, that ain’t gonna happen with all the “must have now!” mentality.

            Right now, I can only think of 2 cars that come in under that inflation-adjusted number you put up:
            Mitsubishi Mirage and Nissan Versa. Both seem decent, and I could do either as the daily driver, but neither is really a “WOW!” car.

            I’m actually not a fanboy of any company anymore… That went away when designs I liked went away – whether sporty, or classy, or imposing.

          • wantyerknobby says:

            na i wasnt saying you were a fanboi i just ran those sentences together

            my real worry is 3000lb weight for this idx
            that and the tall doors and tiny windows

            the neo 510 it will never be not just to inflated pricing but also crash standards

          • Randy says:

            No offense taken – I tend to be all over the place. Wait’ll I gel a few thoughts about the Supra and [X]. Maybe a new Celica? Hey – let’s get that rumor started!

            I’ll give you most of the concerns, but I’m not worried about crash standards; I’m sure it’ll meet the requirements.

            They probably shouldn’t have said “The New 510!!!” Should have said something like: “Inspired By The Spirit Of Our Most Popular Sporting Sedans!”

            Dunno if you saw the videos ExoticAffinity linked to, but it looked like the NISMO grazed bottom geting into the trailer… One of those little adjustments that’ll have to be made for the real ones.

        • Tony says:

          Man we always seem to run out of room LOL… you have some very god points and I agree with the KIA/Hynudi being nice cars just talking about how people that are car guys around here speak about them. but back to the FRS/BRZ I think you are correct about the target not having the cash and when you cross shop those 2 against a Base Z you see what I’m talking about price really aint that bad for alot more giddie up!

          That is kinda were I get the power assumption from I guess… This thing really needs to have 275 or 300ish HP to play in the world of WOW cars. and be able to fetch around 30k max price tag with everything and the Z needs to move up market and finally be a V8 J-vette.

          The reason I am stuck on the power is what this car should be and what they have to come against… example 2015 Mustang with 300ish hp 4 banger turbo that IS a direct shot at the Hyundia Genesis Coupe FRS/BRZ Zcar and now this IDX with I’m guessing a lower price tag than any of these and dont forget a new Camaro that will be smaller and lighter so expect a hot small engine version

          If I had a Nissan insider reading this right now I would suggest that this IDX needs to little BMW 1 or 2 series or what ever they changed it to but be at a mini cooper works price they may need to make a new engine or ???

          Its all bench racing at this point on these cars but I am reminded of Deloren in the GTO days saying “its a 400ci world” Today for muscle cars at least its a 400hp world and for sport compact cars or small engine turbo SC cars its looking like it should be a 275 or 300hp world.

          As for prices the problem is not the way things have increased in price in the US the problem is how the income has not kept up for the average american… what are we at like $7 and change min wage? LOL thats CRAZY if we were to average inflation and ut the numbers to wages min wage should be like $15 buck or more. To that I say gotta love Henery Ford pay your workers enough to buy the product they make!!

          • Randy says:

            Yeah, we’s the chatty type… Anybody can jump in; they just don’t… ANYway:

            You got me to look up the Genesis coupe. Genesis is more like the Mustang/Camaro, as you said, which I’d call at least half a size-class up from the twins – and we’ll estimate – the IDx, and I think THAT will make the difference in who’s interested in them. Mustang people are Mustang people; Camaro people are Camaro people. They ain’t gonna be changed, so the target market is “other.”

            Since the twins are 200hp, I’d assume that the IDx will also be around there. They can get away with less, if they don’t make the thing 2800 lbs.

            DesignerD said it’s 4100mm (161in/13.45ft) long. That’s smaller than a Versa, and only a bit bigger than a Metro!

            I’m going to say the IDx won’t be a WOW car; it’ll be a NICE car, and a FUN car, but not a WOW car. It’s okay to not be a WOW car; often, they’re more fun to drive. Can’t really open up a Z/ Vette/ Camaro SS/ Mustang GT off the track, but with a little squirt of a car, you can blast around the outskirts of your town, or even IN town, if it’s late enough at night. Just watch out for cops, deer and critters! 🙂

            I guess the Z could move upmarket to price-compete with the Vette, though it’s going to have to REALLY perform. They’re not going to get the hardcore Vette buyers, but there are those who will go for the Z. Right now, the Z is about $20K below the Vette, so they should be pretty happy with that. Thinking on the fly here – Actually, I wouldn’t move it upmarket… Why price out people who’d otherwise be able to buy it? Here’s a crazy suggestion to Nissan:


            (When IS the last time you saw a commercial for the Z, by the way?)

            The problem I see for the IDx’s marketers is how close $25K (twins) is to $27K (Gen) is to $29K (Z). That 2 grand between the twins and Genesis may be the damaging point; $2,000 for like, 75hp… That’s probably less than what it would cost to modify the twins to that point, plus, you finance the Gen AND get a full, factory warranty. I’m thinking the prices on the twins/IDx are going to have to revise downward…

            I don’t think I’d call the BMW 228i coupe really comparable; starts at $32K… (You’re killin’ my computer, BTW, lookin’ up all these prices!)

            Odd that you’d mention John D, ’cause these speculations had me thinking: He put in way too much engine, and called it a good start. That’s the attitude that made me a Poncho fan. (Hey, I WAS a fanboi! Too bad they killed my favorite brand. Olds was my #2… Go figure…)

            I’m with you about the income issues, but not much you can do in a global economy; somebody WILL undercut the prices. We’ve been stagnant for something like 10 years now? Maybe 15 years? According to the gov’t though, there is no inflation… Doesn’t matter what gas and food costs go to, ’cause THOSE aren’t counted. Kinda like how they calculate unemployment…

            Thing is with Ford, while he paid his workers enough to buy his product, that was on the FORD; would he later pay the guys building Lincolns enough to buy Lincolns? (Eliminate unions from the equation; keep to the employer-employee relationship.)

            I would pay enough to make people want to work there, but admittedly, as little as I need to. After all, the whole point of business is to make money. GM would go into burgers, if it was more profitable for them, though thinking about the ’80s and ’90s, it may have been…but how do you recall a burger?

  17. Here are a couple videos of the cars at C&C Irvine, including engine startups and driving. The engines/drivetrains are just for the concept cars, but it was amazing getting to see them in action-

    IDx Freeflow
    IDx Nismo

    • Randy says:

      Hey Nissan,

      You’re probably going to tweak the cars a bit before production, but one thing I have to suggest about the NISMO version:


      Best-sounding exhaust I’ve heard in a LONG time!

      In fact, I’m asking that the muffler at least be made available through the dealers for installation on other vehicles.

      • Tony says:

        Yeah wes talky alrite! By the way great reply to my last comments funny as hell! I didnt realize that this IDX was so small maybe 250hp would be plenty and that would make your comments about being a zoom about city car spot on! Small semi premium sporty car I guess

    • wantyerknobby says:

      oh yeah oh yeah OH YEAH! much better than the pansy toyobaru

      btw guy with illegal r33 better watch out they’re looking for you lol

  18. VR-4_3000GT says:

    I’d like to make note of the fact that when they mentioned Peter Brock, that is a typo and must have been meant to say Pete Brock, as Peter Brock is deceased Australian race driver and Pete Brock is American race driver that raced a Datsun 510 at the end of his racing career.

  19. alvin says:

    I am Datsun nut. Ok call me a fanboy. Kudos to Nissan for creating and sharing these concepts. Not many companies have gone to such lengths to get juices flowing, from fans or not.
    Hindsight is 20/20, but imho there is no recovering from the fatal mistake Nissan has made. When your iconic Datsun 240z sportscar is compared and revered with a TOYOTA instead of a NISSAN, you’ve completely missed the boat:

    Atrocious 370z sales. FR/BR completely owned you Nissan 🙁

    • Randy says:

      Good article! You know the real fanbois are going to say: “Hey, the FR-S is as good as a 41-year-old Datsun!” I have to think that a new 370-Z would smoke them both, but as the article says, there’s a $9,000 premium for the Z. It DOES say quite a bit about how good the original Zs were.

      The sounds/smells/tactile sensations of the old cars is something I sorely miss, though I DO want a/c. Ford, as I recall, hooked up some kind of “sound tube” thing on the last-gen Mustang GT, to replicate the experience of engine sounds. . . . to REPLICATE them.

      I’m not sure if it comes across as praise for the FR-S, or not… Seems they’re saying that if you had a Z back when – or just always wanted one, this is the car for you.

      • alvin says:

        What they’re saying is that Toyota gets it. They built a back-to-basics enthusiast’s car that is reminiscent of Nissan’s recipe for the 240z.
        Simple. Affordable. Lightweight, and fun to drive.

        I look at the IDs and see HotWheels collectors as the target audience. They would be hip, “cool” cars for the Fiat 500/Bug/Mini crowd, and some Neo-510 fans re-living their Datsun past. Not a bad thing at all.

        I really wish Nissan produced the car worthy of that article…Toyota beat them to it!

        • Randy says:

          Oh, I’m not disagreeing with you at all… I was just saying what the reply was going to be.

          I LIKE the Scion/Sube. There are actually very few cars I don’t like, ’cause I can see myself driving any of them in a given situation. Now, I wouldn’t drive a Ferrari to a funeral, for example, so the LeSabre would have to be cleaned up, but on a long, mental-health road trip that would be different.

          What I like most about the Nissans is that they ARE boxy; nothing like anything else on the road right now.

          I saw the ad for the new Jag (F-Type?), and at first glance, I thought is was the FR-S or BRZ in the ad. I don’t know if that ‘s a compliment to the Japanese companies, or a slap at Jaguar… Nothing wrong with the J-cars, but they shouldn’t be confusable with Jags.

          I don’t think we’re going to know if Nissan gets it until the IDx is actually out. It could be just as good… Or not…

          Oh – I just thought of a car I can’t see myself driving: Chevy Spark. May be a good car, but I just don’t like the styling. Would need to be a FANTASTIC deal. – And those French cars with the chopped-off rear ends. I’m thinking Renaults. No. Not doin’ it for me. Just don’t look right to me.

  20. pete240z says:

    I commend Nissan for bringing these out for the public – maybe somebody over there has the fire in their belly that first brought us the 240Z? Kudos to Nissan.

  21. Rob says:

    i personally love this car. just everything about it screams 510 (even though nissan wont admit where it got it styling cues) only thing i would change besides the CVT is smaller wheel wells. i would really hate to have to get some overly huge/heavy wheels to fill them out.

  22. pete240z says:

    Chicago Auto Show this week – one of the larger Auto Shows. Is this car in the booth this week? NO? You’re kidding? Really?

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