Sticker ‘Em Up, Pal.


So, we’re thinking a neat idea would be to offer some grandJDM stickers. We’ve had readers ask if stickers are on the cards, and we just weren’t sure if classic JDM enthusiasts are the type to have stickers on their precious rides. But after seeing more than a few cars at JCCS with stickers galore adorning the windows, we figured what the hell, let’s do it.

So, I’ve put together three possible versions, and it’d be ace if you could vote on your preferred sticker so we have a good idea of which one to run with. We’ll offer different stickers in the future, but let’s see how these ones go for now! And please, if you wouldn’t be inclined to buy one, please don’t vote. Thanks folks!

Click through to see the options, and you can vote either in this post, or in the sidebar over there on the right!

sticker_demo_001.jpg sticker_demo_002.jpg sticker_demo_003.jpg
Sticker 001 ————- Sticker 002 ————– Sticker 003


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14 Responses to Sticker ‘Em Up, Pal.

  1. sax says:

    ahh so hard to pick~~

    I’d buy both Sticker one and two though. Great to see this go ahead.

  2. Organic Zero says:

    The white colored one would blend easier cars than the colored one… the hard part is picking one of the 2 😛

  3. toyotageek says:

    Yeah, very hard to choose.
    As the first in hopefully many more to come, I pick number 1. For future stickers i’d go with 2 or 3, especially if they were die-cut.

  4. ultraman019 says:

    Number 3

  5. Omawari_San says:

    Voted for the first option!

  6. Yea I like all of them. But I picked number 3 because its just the outline. Looks much better then the second choice.

  7. 1 and 3 are good. 2 not so much.

  8. toyotageek says:

    oh…. small & large versions might be worth considering too.

  9. dat16v says:

    1 and 3 here.

  10. twistzed says:

    Id have the colour one, not a huge fan of black and white. But if the colour one wasnt made then id get the next one. But do the colour one.

  11. Classiccolt says:

    About time I signed up,

    I dont usually do stickers, but number one would sit nicely on the rear window of the coupe.

  12. stuyizz says:

    I think the colour one works the best, the others look washed out and a little low budget by comparison.

  13. terrible10 says:

    1 and 3 are the ones im like’n, but i would say 3 is my fav…

  14. Matt W says:

    Number 1 for me i think. When will they be available?;)

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