There’s a Honda Civic on the cover of Stephen King’s new book

We don’t know anything about horror master Stephen King’s new book, Later, except that there’s an early first-generation Honda Civic on the cover.

We can’t seem to find out if the car is even in the story, but King has a history of having more than a passing interest in cars. There’s the serial killer who used his car as a weapon in Mr. Mercedes, the 1953 Roadmaster that’s actually a trans-dimensional portal in From a Buick 8, the sentient trucks in Maximum Overdrive and, of course, the 1958 Plymouth Fury in Christine.

A summary of Later appears to draw heavily from King’s well. There’s a boy with secret supernatural powers, a dead killer, and maybe his ghost. Hopefully the Civic is part of the story and not just a random car chosen for the cover art. It will be released March 2, 2021.


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6 Responses to There’s a Honda Civic on the cover of Stephen King’s new book


    There’s a Civic on that cover?

  2. N97LT says:

    She might have a hard time working the clutch with those heels…

  3. harshith says:

    the cover is very attractive, striking. i have to say, she i looks very much of 70s or 80s girls.

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