Stelvio: love for sale (is love blind?)


A few months ago we did a feature on one of the oddest JDM cars ever. The uber-expensive, very limited edition, handcrafted-in Italy Autech Stelvio. Well…there so happens to be on for sale at the moment on Yahoo Auctions: LINK

One of the ugliest cars ever, and as someone said, quite possibly just a big joke being played by the Italians on Nissan, but (to me anyway) it’s strangely desireable and collectible. If you agree…here’s your chance! I can’t buy it, I just bought the Hakosuka πŸ™‚

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4 Responses to Stelvio: love for sale (is love blind?)

  1. leongsoon says:

    Borderline fugly, but definitely unique. I like! Just slap on some nicer rims and it’s bound to be a headturner!

  2. DiscoQuinn says:

    I wanted one for a long time, well before I even knew what it was. I’m part of the crowd that likes the look of it.

  3. Saw that the other day as well… man they are super ugly.

  4. Kev says:

    Yes…but think about it: handbuilt in Italy…couturier interior…320ps….only 200 made….and maybe I’m reading the price wrong…but it looks like US$12,000 to buy, and it’s old enough to be imported for road use in Australia.

    Even if you use it as a beater/daily it’s pretty cool and unique πŸ˜€

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