Starion to Star in Upcoming JDM Film


Kev’s article a while ago on the Mitsubishi Starion, while being a great read and generally well-received, also fueled quite a bit of negative feedback from a couple of forums around the web. There seemed to have been some confusion about certain components and details on the Starion, with many Starquest owners swearing we’d gotten it all wrong. It was, after all, a Starion-specific article, and what is or isn’t fitted to a Starquest is well beside the point!

So back on the topic of Starions, Michael from Project Zero G has put me on to some news about a movie being released in January ’08, which will star a Group B Rally-spec Starion. The movie is called Special Stage, it’s Japanese, and you can read more about it here, or check out the Japanese-language official website.

You can also read more about the Starion’s rally brother here at

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