SSR MK-II and MK-III re-releases sold out in five hours

Last year, SSR made a limited re-release of the legendary Speed Star series, known for their clean, timeless spoke designs and wide barrels. Demand for the wide sizing and interest from a new generation of kyusha fans brought them back into production thirty years since they were first released, with new wider sizes. The wheels garnered a lot of attention and sold out quickly, despite being released during a pandemic. SSR gave those who missed out a second chance, but the entire run sold out immediately.

Sales began at 10am April 1. SSR offered the SSR MK-II and SSR MK-III, both classic three-piece designs which started filling shakotan sleds’ wells since the 1970s. Both lug patterns of 4×100 and 4×114.3 were available.

Sizing was identical for both wheels, with a vast array to satisfy most owners Nihon Steel. The 2020 release saw the most aggressive spec to be a 14 x 10.5J -32, but this year’s re-release pushed the envelope with a 14 x 12J -51.

With prices ranging from US $1600-2500 a set, and the number of orders being limited to 400 wheels in total for all size options, these were bound to go quick — and they did. By 3pm Japan time they were gone. Customers have been eagerly waiting for this re-release, and there was probably a long line of them clamoring for these wheels. Hopefully this will inspire SSR to make more soon.

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4 Responses to SSR MK-II and MK-III re-releases sold out in five hours

  1. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Absolutely gorgeous wheels…

  2. Mark F Newton-John says:

    For whatever reasons, Japan has a thing for limited editions, from anime goods to even car parts. It’s not like they couldn’t make more to satisfy demand.
    $400-$600 a wheel? If rather have a set of OZ or better for those prices.
    Well, if people are willing to spend $1200 for a 45 year old long console for a TE27 Corolla…

  3. Damian says:

    Omg! I need to buy a car to mount a set on!

  4. David Meyer says:

    How long have these been out of production? I bought a set of these new back in 2015 or so.

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