Speed Racer celebrates 55th anniversary with 24-karat gold Mach 5

The seminal Japanese racing cartoon Speed Racer debuted in 1967 and became a bona fide worldwide hit. It didn’t just influence a generation of gearheads, but it was one of the earliest examples of anime introduced outside of Japan. This year marks the 55th anniversary of Speed Racer, and to commemorate the occasion the production company has licensed a 24-karat gold model of the star car, the Mach 5, that costs ¥5,500,000 ($44,000 USD).

The model car is made to 1:40 scale, measuring 12.5 cm (4.9 inches) in length and weighing approximately 150g (5.3 oz). That much gold is typically worth about $10,500, but then it wouldn’t be in the shape of one of TV’s most iconic race cars, would it?

This year also happens to be the 60th anniversary of the founding of Speed Racer‘s production company, Tatsunoko Pro. However, the reason the 55th anniversary is significant is because in Japan Speed Racer was titled after the car, and was called Mach GoGoGo (the number 5 is pronounced “go” in Japanese). Therefore, it’s the 55th anniversary of the Mach 5, which stars in “Mach 555”.

The golden Mach 5 will be on display at the Takashimaya department store at Nihonbashi, Tokyo from April 13-18 along with other gold artifacts such as Buddhist altars and sake sets. Then it’ll be transferred to whomever is lucky (or crazy) enough to buy the one-of-a-kind item. It may seem like a lot, but as one of Japan’s first cultural exports, which just so happens to be car related, we’re sure there will be someone wiling to cough up the dough.

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11 Responses to Speed Racer celebrates 55th anniversary with 24-karat gold Mach 5

  1. Fred Langille says:

    Now I know what to spend my lottery ticket winnings on … just have to get the RIGHT numbers now!

  2. kyushanerd says:

    If you wanna see a nice 80s car anime I can only recommend よろしくメカドック (Yoroshiku Mekkadoc) It’s just avalilable in japanese, from what Iam aware but its friggin great. Also if your interested in Motorcycles and bozozokou, I recommend you check out Shonan Bakusozoku (Or the Review by Kenny Lauderdale) Here is the link for the first OVA –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcygF_6Arvc

  3. Crown says:

    In honor of Speed Racer’s father, I told my grandkids to call me “Pops” when they first started talking.

  4. MikeRL411 says:

    5.3 ounces of gold is a lot closer to $(300 than $93 !

  5. f31roger says:

    I had to let my kids watch from my 70-90s anime collection. I tell my kids I want them to have a deep background in many things from yesteryear.

    My little one said Speed Racer cartoon looks old. LOL.

    Well, how cartoons are drawn has changed dramatically. lol.

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