Special Rescue Command Solbrain’s Sol Gallop — Guess the Tokusatsu Car!

From January 20, 1991 to January 26, 1992, kids could tune into the TV Asahi network Sunday mornings to watch the adventures of Special Rescue Command Solbrain. It’s about an elite police force that dons armored suits to fight crime and help people in need. Naturally, they have their own fleet of futuristic vehicles, like the butterfly-doored Sol Gallop.

The Sol Gallop is driven by protagonist Daiki Nishio, and is described as having a hydro-turbine engine powered by hydrogen fuel. It can also be driven by remote control and resists temperatures of up to 4,000 degrees celsius. On the other hand, Nishio’s suit can withstand temps of up to 4,200 degrees so he doesn’t really need the car for protection.

Nevertheless, the Sol Gallop has two modes, a normal mode and power-up mode that covers the most of the front of the car and the rear wheels. We won’t show you the uncovered version because it would be too obvious.

There are other vehicles in the show as well, like an undisguised FC Mazda RX-7, which is called the Night Custom. It doesn’t transform, but it is said to have defense and exploration functions, as well as a 290 kph (180 mph) top speed. Another vehicle called the Solid-States-I is a gigantic rescue carrier from which the smaller cars deploy.

So, any guesses as to what the Sol Gallop is? As usual, we’ll post the correct answer in the comments after people have had a chance to guess.

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5 Responses to Special Rescue Command Solbrain’s Sol Gallop — Guess the Tokusatsu Car!

  1. Fashion Victim says:

    What else can it be but a Toyota Sera.

  2. Fred Langille says:

    Echo that!

  3. speedie says:

    Those doors are a dead giveaway. Fashion Victim gets the prize.

  4. Ben Hsu says:

    Toyota Sera is correct. Y’all are too good!

    • reiko says:

      I’d know because I watched the show in Japan. This show was the replacement for Winspector, which used an old 80s era Chevy Camaro as the star car. I’m guessing that these shows were produced by the same production company and someone seemed to have a passion for old GM cars. Before Winspector, there was Jiban which used an old 80s era Firebird. After Solbrain we got Exceedraft which made use of I think it was a full sized era Blazer and the least loved version of the Corvette from you guessed it the 80s. The replacement for that show called Blue Swat did made use of some genuine Japanese Automobile in using a customized Autozam AZ1.

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