Someone tell MOPAR fanboys what the BRE stripes are

We’ve begun to notice a weird trend recently. Mopar fanboys are up in arms about Nissan copying some racing stripes that belong to Dodge. Sure, Peter Brock may have designed the livery on his Datsun Sports 2000 roadsters in 1968, but the rich heritage of Dodge’s slanted parallel stripes can be traced all the way back to 2010. 

As some of you may know, I also write for LeftLane News, and I recently published an article about Nissan’s #NISMOmashup photoshops that they’ve been circulating on social media. Then a comment appeared about “Dodge trademark racing stripes.” We’ve seen similar comments on sites like Jalopnik as well, under articles about the NISMO IDx.

Look, we’re not mad that Dodge is using a pair of red slashes. They’re free to run with it. And it’s not as if Nissan cared to do anything meaningful with their logo when they resurrected the Datsun brand anyway. We’re just saying, at least know your history about how Nissan earned its stripes.



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18 Responses to Someone tell MOPAR fanboys what the BRE stripes are

  1. DmK66 says:

    I reckon Dodge stole it off the front of the ’86 Grand Sport Corvette. So Chevrolet probably stole it from Datsun. Maybe.

  2. Kuroneko says:

    Jalopnik? Like, you know, like that site that thinks steering columns are ‘dashboard support rods’ that get in the way of their feet, the Tokyo Bay Aqualine is a ‘road to nowhere’, except perhaps my house when I use it weekly, tolls are ‘really expensive’, shaken costs ‘$15,000’, air-cooled Porsche come equipped with ‘iron block engines’, front wheel drive cars have ‘live rear axles’, it is hard to get a driver license in Japan, the roads are hell in Japan and ‘no one drives anywhere, ever’ except brave English ‘instructors’, Saitama is a ‘suburb of Tokyo’, there are no Chevy Impala in Japan… Taking notice of what Jalopnilk says about cars, is like getting your ‘news’ from Fox. Like, you know, like not worth it…

    • Jim Daniels says:

      Your statement makes since until you confuse popular political propaganda with news. News is based on fact and knowledge not what a ruling political party wants said about them. Check Nazi Germany’s news from that era. It smells very similar to what has been being broadcast for many years now and sold as news. Don’t drink the Kool-aid.

    • dickie says:

      thanks Kuro, I didn’t want to be the guy that called Jalopnik/Gawker out on it’s supreme idiocy… this time.

      What’s the point of fact-checking when your reader base is either too stupid and apathetic to notice or care?

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Sorry, just to clarify, comments about the BRE stripes being from Dodge were written by the readers of Jalopnik, not by its staff. In fairness, other readers were just as quick to point out the correct origin of Nissan’s stripe obsession. My dear own LLN, however, has no such corrective forces, even though I wrote in the article that it was BRE inspired.

    • Steve says:

      Getting your news from any of the major international news sites is not worth it.

    • Troggie42 says:

      I swore off Jalopnik a couple years ago when they banned me from their Facebook page for commenting that their CNN-like coverage of the Fukushima disaster seemed odd since they were a car site. They told me if I didn’t care about Japan’s natural disasters that I wasn’t a real car guy. I took offense to that and got banned. I think I’ve been back perhaps 10 times total since then, and only to oppositelock links.

  3. Brad D. says:

    Lets not forget the true history of the twin parallel stripe, otherwise know as ‘hash marks’. In the 50’s and 60’s multi car race teams would use them to differentiate their two cars on the track, before the days of digital timing and radios communication with the driver was done through a pit board and lap times where clocked and hand written. If you had two cars on the track that had the same livery then a different colored hash mark on the fender was a quick visual distinction. Since that time two parallel stripes have been used on lots of cars to imply raciness. Hell I use to run them on my Mitsu Mirage rallycross car.

  4. JHMAB2 says:

    It’s stripes, on cars, who gives a damn. No need to call foul. ha

  5. John says:

    Dodge co-opting this in the year 2010 is important to note. Pete Brock had these stripes trademarked. Care to guess what year his trademark expired? 🙂

  6. Tony says:

    Since you have an IDX in the leading pic why you no cover the rumors of the IDX’s concept styling being scrapped? I have seen stories about this on MT, and inside line! Since J-nog fans were lucky enough to have a Nissan Designer or??? comment and join in on what was one of the biggest threads of this site EVER! I would love to see if they at Nissan have really prepared to screw up a good thing!!!! PLEASE cover this and HELP Nissan get it correct. I expected some evolution of the design but what I have seen looks like a Jr Z-car 240sx kinda thing (google it if you are a non believer) I think this is a HUGE mistake personally I really wanted to see a mini muscle car “5-dime” (name hint) shape with a blend of the 2 concept cars for final production.

  7. Dutch 1960 says:

    The fender stripes were used on some of the early factory racing Shelby Cobras, to help differentiate the team cars on the track. Guess who Peter Brock worked for, prior to going Datsun and setting up BRE? Shelby. Brock also designed the logos for the early GT 350 and GT 500 Shelby Mustangs.

  8. Slade says:

    And come on look at the slash in the side of the latest incarnation of charger.
    ummmm hello r35?

    Car makers.especually the domestic market like to “borrow” things as “inspiration” and to “pay homage” to other cars.When it doesnt work out its hard to find the guy responsible because hes now renting with jimmy hoffa.When its a hit everyone scrambles to say they pioneered it.

    How its always been,always will be.

    Except for the flying car.Anyone asks…… idea;)

    • Randy says:

      True on lots of that… There’s a quote somewhere that everyone claims success as their own, but failure is an orphan.

      ‘Bout the flying cars: you see how gawdawful people are on the road, and you really want them buzzing along above you? 🙂

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