Slidin' Sunnys and Coastin' Corollas

We know not all JNC readers baby their nostalgics, so here’s some examples of nostalgics behaving badly from a couple of blogs we like. Nori Yaro‘s gallery of drifting remind us of the guys from the Japanese KE70 drift team Motorfix. And from JNCer  BeeOneOneOh here’s a couple of video galleries of sliding Sunnys and a chorus of ITB-equipped Sunny Pickups revving their engines. Also, more drifting AE71 action on Speedhunters. Could the E70 chassis be the next AE86?

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2 Responses to Slidin' Sunnys and Coastin' Corollas

  1. Nigel says:

    KE70 eh, mine cost me $ 150.00 back in 1998.
    Way more fun than my civic.

  2. kingtoy says:

    In my opinion, the E70 is the best Corolla chassis of all time. It speaks volumes when you have a FR chassis that when lightly modded is a blast to drive, and can come (in the US anyway) 6 different body configurations for anyones taste.

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