Skyline Drives Through Alien Desert with Spacefish

When George Lucas wanted to zazz up Star Wars with an automotive cross-promotion in 1977, he opted for a Toyota Celica Liftback. Say what you will about the prequels, but the man had vehicular taste.

A dozen years later in Japan, that 70s space opera and Japanese cars teamed up once again in this 1989 Nissan Skyline ad. The man you see at the beginning explaining his acid trip concept is John Dykstra, the special effects whiz responsible for all the far out visuals in Star Wars and a bunch of other space movies. The Skyline speeding through an alien landscape with a giant planet on the horizon was trippy and reminiscent of the Knight Rider intro, but the badly-dubbed spacefish totally lost us.

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2 Responses to Skyline Drives Through Alien Desert with Spacefish

  1. elmonoloco says:

    Space Fish!!!…MMmmm MMmmmm I just love fillet o space fish!!!

  2. Jnostalgics says:

    LOL, tastes like space chicken!

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