SHOWA SNAP: Have a refreshing Corona Mark II

In 1973, several Coronas lined what could have been a Tokyo dealership. With limited real-estate, urban Japanese dealers often have just a few cars on hand to test drive, but not a massive lot full of inventory. Here, a row of four-banger sedans and coupes capped off by a grand Mark II hardtop shows off the entire Corona line. Perhaps the passer-by in the Cedric sedan was convinced to make a U-turn.

Image: eBay

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4 Responses to SHOWA SNAP: Have a refreshing Corona Mark II

  1. Spirit Road says:

    I wonder how would it have been like to be in my 30’s standing in this lot in 1973 looking at these brand spanking new Coronas…ahhh.

  2. Nigel says:

    Wait just need to turn around, two minutes…

  3. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Growing up in Japan, I was a high schooler in’73. We also moved away that year and to my puzzlement, I arrived in the US enrolled in “Driver’s Education”. Cars were off the radar until 18 years old in Japan. I struck a deal with my parents: in exchange for my first car, I had to enter a steep learning curve as the family fleet manager. It was also right in the midst of the 1st Gas Crisis and Watergate. Helping me was a next door neighbor who worked in the nearby Navy Yard as a Shipfitter. An amazing guy who gave me my mechanical aptitue and a love for cars. 1973, needless to say was a big car year. Forever thankful to Don. RIP…

  4. Censport says:

    The only Coronas that don’t give me a headache! ;-D

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