SHOWA SNAP: Meiji Jingu, 1967

We’ve covered a few car shows at Meiji Jingu Park in Tokyo, but here is what it looked like as a normal, everyday street in 1967. Look at all the Showa Era cars (Toyota Crown, 411 Bluebird, Prince Gloria, Mazda Familia, etc.) and trucks (Toyoace, Prince Miler, Mitsubishi Minica, and so on). Notably, the commercial vehicles and taxis account for more than half the traffic, as it was still the dawn of private car ownership in Japan — which makes the li’l red Toyota Sports 800 in the corner even more special!

Image: 昭和スポット巡り

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3 Responses to SHOWA SNAP: Meiji Jingu, 1967

  1. MikeRL411 says:

    Love that red 411 in the lower left hand corner.

  2. sedanlover says:

    Red Toyota Sport 800!!! Top RH corner. Awesome.

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