SHOWA SNAP: Kawaramachi-Sanjo, Kyoto, 1972

Kawaramachi-Sanjo, a shopping and nightlife district just northeast of the historic Gion section of Kyoto, was a lively spot after the sun went down. Sharp cars would cruise down Kawaramachi street, past a Fujiya Grill. On this particular 1972 evening, a Datsun Sunny Coupé, Isuzu Bellett, and Toyota Corona Coupé await fare alighting from a Nissan taxi. The same street looked a lot more sober in the harsh light of morning, though.

Toyota Corona taxis drive down the same street, just a few steps north past the intersection. In the early hours, the bustling storefronts have yet to open. The Kyoto Tram makes its rounds along the railbus tracks. They were decommissioned in September, 1978. For another look at the thriving Kawaramachi Street a year before the tram removal, take a look at this photo album. For what the same intersection looks like today, check out Google Maps.

Images: eBay, Railbus

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3 Responses to SHOWA SNAP: Kawaramachi-Sanjo, Kyoto, 1972

  1. Nigel says:

    The streetcar looks similar to our TTC versions from the same era.
    (Toronto Transit Commision).

  2. sprinter83 says:

    Great and interesting article! I remember going there in Kyoto I think. Thanks Ben afk

  3. potato says:

    This photograph looks better than most photos taken from the latest smart phones.

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