SHOWA SNAP: Fastbacks abound in 1975

Every time you see a new crossover ambling down the street, clogging your view, remember what life could have been. In this 1975 Japanese street scene, fastbacks are everywhere. In the car park to the right there’s a Corona Mark II, B110 Sunny, and a Cherry X1 in the distance. Meanwhile, the street to the left has an E30 Corolla coupe and two A20 Celicas. Those who need extra cargo capacity drive Familia and Corolla wagons. It was a different world, and one we will likely never see again.

Image: eBay

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2 Responses to SHOWA SNAP: Fastbacks abound in 1975

  1. Khoua says:

    It’s crazy how ‘big’ cars are compared to cars in Japan too. When I went to Tokyo, if I remember correctly, almost all of the cars/trucks were sub-compact. It seems like they really utilized as much space as possible as well.

    Bummer I didn’t see those but I did spot an old school cool Skyline near Mines!
    ( )

  2. Kiran says:

    Is this a sign lol? I’m actually planning on buying a cherry X1-R

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