SHOWA SNAP: An Isuzu escapes a flood of taxis in 1966 Tokyo

With the popularization of the motorcar by the mid 1960s, Tokyo’s pre-war narrow streets could become quite crowded. Even today, there are many side streets where no sidewalks exist and cars simply whiz by as pedestrians side-step street signs and utility poles. Here, a shopping lance is already packed with Toyota Crown taxis as a Kokusai Kogyo bus enters the scene. “Sweet freedom!” the people in the Isuzu Bellett must be thinking as they escape the chaos.

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  1. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Family road trips out into the countryside were wonderful in the 60’s in Japan, but the rides home Sunday night were truly awful. The traffic jams started in the outskirts of Tokyo or Yokohama. My parents smoked at the time & I would get carsick in the back of the Cedric. One strange thing I don’t remember at all; gassing up at a service station. We lived in Yokohama but went to school in Yokosuka so our bus rides (Isuzu Diesels) were long through the traffic jams. When the busses entered the many tunnels, it was “Tunnel Time” with an abundance of mayhem. And then there were the poker games in the back. I had a boom box with a pile of cassettes so I was the DJ.

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