The Shoei NXR Zork TC-7 is the raddest helmet

We don’t often write about motorcycle helmets here on JNC, but when one comes along that is this striking, it’s hard to ignore. For 2020, Shoei is releasing a version of their popular NXR helmet slathered with 80s-inspired graphics, and it is called the Zork.

It takes every 80s design cue and throws it headlong onto the shell. Computer matrix grid? Check. Gradient slats? Check. Heartbeat pulse? Check. Neon pink color? Check. Even the logo is rendered in chrome effect magenta.

Shoei has been making top-quality helmets since 1960 and the NXR is one of their best. It’s supremely comfortable, nicely ventilated, and extremely light. There are only two problems with the Zork. First, it’s not for sale in America. Second, it’s hard to find a bike to match color.

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6 Responses to The Shoei NXR Zork TC-7 is the raddest helmet

  1. Lupus says:

    It only lacks neon underglow around neck and photochrome visior. 😉 Sub-Zero Cool.

  2. Monte says:

    “Second, it’s hard to find a bike to match color.”

    Not true. Consider white or black bikes!

    • Or paint a bike to match. I’m doing my CB350F in Pagan Gold with root beer metalflake. Will probably get one of the new retro Bell helmets to paint as well. I’ll look all spiffy on next year’s DGR.

  3. Matt Meares says:

    what countries will it be for sale in?

  4. Hashiriya86 says:

    Will this help protect me from getting eaten by a grue?

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