Shizuoka 70s Street Fighters

Picture it: you’re cruising along in the Shiz behind the wheel of a rented kei car, minding your own business in the slow lane. It starts as a faint buzz. Within moments, the sound multiplies into a chorus of side draft carbs running in triplicate as a swarm of vintage Skylines rips past. You’ve just been buzzed by the Shizuoka 70s Street Fighters.

We’ve seen some members of this crew in person, slinging their gorgeous machinery around Fuji Speedway in the pouring rain at the Time Machine Festival. But then Racer86 had to go and dig up their website. Now Sir Freaksalot and I are dehydrated from persistent drooling over the hakosuka sedan on Hayashi Streets shown above.

Four-doors not your style? How ’bout a raked Kenmeri?

Hakos always seem to be silver or white, but this proves anyone can wear black.

See the rest here. There’s not a dud in the bunch.

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26 Responses to Shizuoka 70s Street Fighters

  1. Best street gang, ever!

  2. Nigel says:

    This is exactly why we love old modified cars.

  3. Sr-FairladyZ says:

    Ditto, and ditto!

  4. Jeremy Reeves says:

    And ditto!


  5. Yeah! They’re very popular in japan. saw these cars in my JDM picture car magazine called Retro Car. Awesome set ups! Staying true to old school standards : N/A Engines with tri-side carburation, deep offset mags…. no turbos.

  6. DIASISS says:

    I think these are just a little overrated…Especially the 2 door one…It seems that their just “fanboy cars” and a fad…The 2 door one looks like a Japanese Pinto…

    They are corky and extremely odd looking which could be why they never came to america or werent heard of until EVERYONE jumped on the bandwagon…

    In my opinion…

  7. DIASISS says:

    lol,plus id like to see what my 80s street fighters would do to them!…lol oooooh yeah!!!

  8. datsunfreak says:

    You’re retarded…

  9. Beautiful cars and executed with excellence. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Zeb says:

    Mean, old website though

    Did Racer86 find this on my blogroll?


  11. colink says:

    wow they are all awesome

  12. HC says:

    hmmm interesting choice of cars….4 door box, ken and hako…..ive seen those 3 different models in a club here in the US as well…all modified….

    DIASISS Says:

    July 28th, 2009 at 6:55 pm
    I think these are just a little overrated…Especially the 2 door one…It seems that their just “fanboy cars” and a fad…The 2 door one looks like a Japanese Pinto…

    They are corky and extremely odd looking which could be why they never came to america or werent heard of until EVERYONE jumped on the bandwagon…

    In my opinion…

    wow i guess this person hates cars that won many titles and has major history in wins…im sure if the KEN was allowed to race it would have won many races as well…

  13. DIASISS says:

    And all that talk still doesnt make those cars LOOK any better!…lol

    • Ben says:

      Diasiss, since you don’t like the cars here this clearly isn’t the site for you. Yet you keep coming back to critcize. That doesn’t make much sense.

  14. 2000gtx says:

    “fanboys” and the words “my 80s street fighter”..i am really curious now about the non fanboy street fighter… hmm what could it be?……

  15. 2000gtx says:

    a 1987 maxima LOL!!!!!!!!

  16. DIASISS says:

    Ben…lol,ok seriously you make no sence at all! 1st off I love this site! if i didnt i wouldnt be here or support you guys!! And since i do (greatly) support you guys {even if we dont always agree} I feel very entitled to express my opinions! Have you ever even read ANY of my positive comments??? I think you are jealous or have a personal vendetta against me…lol,and if you dont {please prove it!}…Anyone that examines me for 5 seconds realizes im a true Jassic “Japanese classic” lover and supporter {hence WWW,JASSICS.COM }! And just because im not a fanboy, cant be bought and call a car an econo-box that really wasnt meant to be a “style icon” {when in fact its true} doesnt make me not interested in fighting the power to save the minority Jassic culture…I love how the people that do the most get hated the most! Dont be so afraid of me! Im just expressing MY opinions…If i wanna be “above the influence and think an MKII Supra P-TYPE is more attractive and makes more of a statement to Japanese car haters than that strange fanboy bandwagon and odd bloated 2 door Skyline I think thats my opinion…Im just expressing my “freedom of speech…have a nice day!

  17. Ben says:

    Diasiss, in that case learn how to get along with others. I had to delete your comment about the CR-X because it was so offensive. 80s cars are not everyone’s cup of tea, but do you see other JNC readers bashing them? No. Your comments are by far the most negative. Learn to appreciate cars of all types, as other JNC readers do. Just because there is freedom of speech in this country doesn’t mean you can’t censor yourself when you don’t have anything constructive to say.

  18. DIASISS says:

    LOL,I get along with others just fine!…But they dont seem to get along with me! How come they can say whats on their mind but i cant??? And people tell me ALL the time that what i say is VERY constructive so please dont give me a hard time just because you dont like what im saying…I dont go around complaining about your comments…And about the CRX comment that was kind of a joke i was half way joking about that! but (in all honesty) it was never made to be a collectible and thats a FACT! i spread facts NOT opinions…And Ben please get used to the fact that not {every single} comment from people will be a fluffy positive think happy thoughts comment…Im a very honest person and will call out the bluff and give constructive criticism…Trust me Ben,It will eventually yield very great results once everyone gets off the bandwagon and learn to think for themselves instead of just saying “dude Skylines are awesome!!!” when in {fact} that is a “manufactured statement”! Ben i hope you understand what i mean and where im coming from,but i dont think you do…

  19. HC says:

    thats cool DIASISS you dont like the look of the cars….you have different taste but still yes maybe others bash on people but you dont have to jump the bandwagon and be one of them as well thats why we have moderators looking for that crap and sometimes its hard to keep up…as for skylines being awesome a manufactured statement i dunno…they truly are awesome cars i drive one every single day and still get amazed by it…have you ever owned a skyline or driven one….i mean drive hard and take to limits….they are badass cars..which 80s car do you drive? you spread facts not opinions but calling these cars ugly isnt that an opinion? cuz if it was a fact i wouldnt be winning first place trophies at carshows for how it not mad at you at all dont post if your just gonna say crap

  20. DIASISS says:

    MOD EDIT: warning to cease this drivel

  21. DIASISS says:

    ??? what does that mean???

  22. 2000gtx says:

    sorry about the 1987 maxima comment

  23. Jesse says:

    I think they look gorgeous, high-quality builds are always nice to see. I just wish they were a bit more practical. Extreme rear camber and stretched tires just aren’t my cup of tea.

  24. I love these classics! In South Africa we had all these cars, and there are still a good couple of them running around. Lots of Mazda Capellas with 13B rotary turbos, SSS Nissans (or it was Datsun back then) and other nice solid RWD cars that have huge room for mods. The general trend here is for strong turbo motors.

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